Episode 526

Nelson Nash's Legacy: Richard Canfield Shares Insights on Infinite Banking and Personal Growth

Welcome back to the REI Mastermind Network! In today's episode, host Jack Hoss is joined by the knowledgeable Richard Canfield, who is deeply involved in the world of infinite banking. As they dive into the discussion, Richard shares his admiration for Jack's program and his strong desire to add value to people's lives. They explore the profound impact Nelson Nash, Richard's mentor in infinite banking, had on his life and financial understanding. Nash's captivating speaking style and approachable nature left a lasting impression on Richard after attending his 10-hour seminar at a conference in 2012. The conversation delves into the crucial lessons Richard learned from Nash, not only about infinite banking but also about relationships and marriage. Reflecting on the recent anniversary of Nash's passing, Richard highlights his dedication and passion for constant value creation. They also tackle the concept of retirement, which Nash believed to be a falsehood, advocating instead for personal freedom and passive income. Join us as Richard shares valuable insights and personal experiences, including his own business mistakes, as he sheds light on the power of infinite banking and its potential to reshape our financial landscape. You won't want to miss this episode of the REI Mastermind Network!

Connect with Richard Canfield: https://7steps.ca/

Topics & Bullets:

Introduction of Richard Canfield and his involvement in infinite banking

  • Richard Canfield praises the REI Mastermind Network
  • Canfield's desire to add value to others' lives
  • Canfield's mentor in infinite banking is Nelson Nash

Nelson Nash and his impact on Richard Canfield

  • Canfield met Nash at a conference in 2012 and attended his 10-hour seminar
  • Nash's captivating speaking style and approachable nature
  • Nash's dedication to learning and extensive reading habits
  • Learning about infinite banking and relationships from Nash
  • Nash's dedication and passion, highlighted on the anniversary of his passing

Retirement as a falsehood and the concept of freedom and passive income

  • Nelson Nash's belief that retirement is a falsehood
  • Desire for freedom and passive income instead of traditional retirement
  • Nash's insistence on constant value addition and learning

Richard Canfield's business mistakes and lessons learned

  • Canfield's biggest business mistake: being too trusting
  • The importance of asking more questions and being cautious in business relationships
  • What Canfield would tell his younger self and advice for financial optimization

The infinite banking concept and its principles

  • The infinite banking concept as a bottom-up solution
  • Individual control over money and financial systems
  • Importance of understanding Nelson Nash's work and philosophy

Nelson Nash's use of whole life insurance as a banking tool

  • Nelson Nash's journey to financial independence
  • The concept of infinite banking as a way of life, not just a strategy
  • The benefits and control offered by co-owning an insurance company

Behavior and effectiveness in utilizing whole life insurance

  • Whole life insurance as a tool that depends on user behavior
  • Importance of behavior, including additional deposits, for success

The Kolbe Index and its relevance

  • Explanation of the Kolbe Index as a measurement of natural instinctual ways of getting things done
  • Richard Canfield's use of the Kolbe Index with his clients

Generational wealth and benefits of whole life insurance

  • Nelson Nash's insurance policies and tax-free inheritance for beneficiaries
  • Whole life insurance contracts as property with generational wealth benefits
  • Nelson Nash's use of policy loans for real estate investment



"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - Jack

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