Episode 525

Building a $350M Real Estate Portfolio: Agostino Pintus Shares his Vision and Strategies

Agostino Pintus is a seasoned professional in the business world, known for his knack for deals and fearlessness when it comes to pursuing success. Starting out, a deal worth over $1,000,000 was enough to send shivers down his spine. However, as time went on, his confidence grew, and he now finds himself unphased by such figures. His focus has shifted towards lease deals, as they hold the key to reaching his intended goal of helping others. Agostino is driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on people's lives and is determined to achieve his mission.

Connect with Agostino Pintus: https://bulletproofcashflow.com/

Topics & Bullets:

Agostino Pintus' Background and Vision

  • Pintus' dissatisfaction with a 40-hour work week
  • Importance of positive visualization and programming the reticular activating system
  • Utilizing future goal setting and manifestation techniques
  • Pintus' diversified investment portfolio

Pintus' Journey to Success

  • Pintus' background from sleeping on a mattress to building a $350,000,000 portfolio
  • Desire to leave a legacy and help more people
  • Pintus' motivation to be remembered through significant deals

The Power of Visualization and Determination

  • The use of vision and anti-vision boards for motivation
  • Emphasizing the importance of visualization in goal achievement
  • Real estate investing as not being an easy path

Lessons and Advice from Agostino Pintus

  • Book recommendations - "On the Shortness of Life" by Seneca
  • The role of communication tools in business
  • Advice to younger self - stick to engineering and pursue real estate earlier
  • Importance of choosing partners wisely and providing feedback to brokers
  • Valuing transparency, alignment of goals, and strong relationships in partnerships

Cash Flow and Partnering for Success

  • The importance of cash flow management and its "bulletproof" nature
  • Challenges of relying on appreciation during economic downturns
  • Choosing the right partners for real estate success
  • Learning from successful partnership examples like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger

Collaboration and Mutual Success

  • Benefits of collaboration and helping others in the industry
  • Viewing other investors as partners rather than competitors
  • The Monopoly board game and comparisons of socialist and capitalist ideologies

Investing Strategies and Red Flags

  • Pintus' focus on ground-up development and adaptive reuse projects
  • Avoiding high-risk deals and prioritizing potential return on investment and tax abatements
  • Investment in single tenant net lease deals with corporate guarantee tenants
  • Fundraising through a blind pool fund and offering steady monthly returns to investors
  • Current focus on development and net lease deals while waiting for the multifamily market stabilization
  • Avoidance of overpaying for deals and recognizing red flags in markets and sellers


  • Recap of key points discussed
  • Call to action to share the episode and visit bulletproofcashflow.com
  • Guest's gratitude for the interview



"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - Jack

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