Episode 527

Building a Fulfilling Lifestyle: How to Make Your Business Serve You w/ David Lecko

David Lecko is a dedicated entrepreneur and founder of DealMachine who exemplifies the value of persistence and long-term commitment. This mindset was instilled in him when he first had an interest in real estate while working tirelessly for a small company, noticing that he worked harder than the owner himself. Curiosity led him to inquire about the owner's rental properties, and he was enlightened on the advantages they offered in comparison to the stock market. The stability, monthly cash flow, and early retirement opportunities presented by real estate investments resonated with David, inspiring him to venture into the world of real estate investing. With his solid work ethic and unwavering persistence, David Lecko has become a respected figure in the entrepreneurial community.

Connect with David Lecko: https://www.instagram.com/dlecko/

Topics & Bullets


  • Podcast name and episode title
  • Host and guest names

Guest's Approach to Wealth and Business

  • Having multiple streams of income does not guarantee wealth
  • Focusing on too many opportunities may lead to none of them working
  • Guest's goal of having his business serve him and live a fulfilling lifestyle
  • Current work schedule of 6 hours a day with a staff of 30

Hesitation to Start Another Business

  • Time constraints and potential impact on current business
  • Concern for discouraging business partner
  • Value of partnership and equal ownership

Legal Considerations and Business Disputes

  • Operating agreement and push-pull agreement
  • Initial disagreement on hiring employees
  • Importance of communication and improved productivity

Motivation and Market Trends

  • Responding to pain as motivation
  • Wholesaling specialization and market trends
  • Mention of tech job market trends

Personal Milestone and Starting in Real Estate Investing

  • Guest's purchase of Ferrari after reaching $1,000,000 milestone
  • Advice on building up side hustle before quitting job
  • Starting in real estate with tax-delinquent properties

Mindset and Additional Resources

  • Importance of mindset in starting a business
  • Guest's podcast invitation
  • Recommended episode on quitting a job and starting wholesaling

Introduction to DealMachine

  • Discussion of DealMachine app
  • Focus on simplicity and helping new real estate investors
  • Integration of Chat GPT and real estate data

Market Trends and Overcoming Challenges

  • Trends in interest rates and buyer demand
  • Guest's successful deals meeting the 1% rule
  • Encouragement to participate in the 30-day challenge
  • Wholesaling as a low-capital entry into real estate investing

Features and Strategies of DealMachine

  • Virtual driving for dollars feature
  • Avoiding analysis paralysis and quitting too soon
  • Building a cash-generating wholesaling machine
  • Finding buyers for properties under contract

Building Credibility and Business Growth

  • Importance of transparency and honesty with sellers
  • Finding buyers through various channels
  • Sending contracts to title companies
  • Balancing finding opportunities and finding buyers

Personal Growth and Self-Care

  • Incorporating humor in business conversations
  • Guest's favorite tool: weightlifting for anxiety and self-care
  • Overcoming anxiety and focusing on personal well-being


  • Guest's business contraction and subsequent growth
  • Recap of main points covered in the episode
  • Final words or call-to-action



"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - Jack

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