Episode 489

Investing in Real Estate: Meeting the 1 Percent Rule and Capitalizing on Unique Markets with Alexander Cruz

On this episode of REI Mastermind Network, our host, Jack Hoss, is joined by special guest, Alexander Cruz. They dive into the world of real estate investments and property management. First, they discuss the 1 percent rule for real estate investments and how it has been disregarded in certain markets. Alexander shares his experience with his own property, which is close to meeting the rule. He also describes his local market as unique and relatively affordable compared to coastal cities, attracting interest from both locals and out-of-town investors. The conversation then shifts to the importance of technology in property management. Alexander explains how his team uses a software called Asana for task management and organization. They have created templates in Asana to track the progress of each individual job and keep track of various details. Asana serves as a database to store information about utilities, paint color, and other project elements. Alexander emphasizes how Asana has been a game changer for his team. Next, they explore the challenges and rewards of property management. Alexander shares that his company has an internal property management team of over 10 people and has been managing rentals in Baltimore for over 7 years. They currently manage over 430 properties. They discuss the importance of property condition and location, as well as the screening process for tenants. Alexander also emphasizes the need for good communication with property owners and being responsive to their needs. The conversation then shifts to the potential of real estate investments to change lives. Alexander believes that investing in real estate can be life-changing and shares stories of investors from various age ranges, including a 19-year-old who is considered ahead of the curve and retired individuals seeking to diversify their investments. He also highlights the importance of having a champion warrior mindset, drawing inspiration from Tim Grover, who has trained and worked with athletes like Michael Jordan. Throughout the episode, Alexander shares personal stories and lessons learned from his own experiences in real estate investing. He emphasizes the importance of staying in one's lane, understanding property management agreements, and not overthinking the investment process. He also presents his own product, a renovated brick townhome that provides a stable product with low maintenance. The cost for a fully renovated house is around $200,000, and Alexander offers to place and manage the property on behalf of investors. Tune in to this episode of REI Mastermind Network to learn more about real estate investments, property management, and the potential for life-changing opportunities in the market.

Connect with Alexander Cruz: https://crofmaryland.com/


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