Episode 488

Building Frame Cabins: Costs, Profits, and Expansion Strategies in Short-Term Rentals with Alex Jarbo

Alex Jarbo is a former military serviceman who served in the Marine Corps for 4 and a half years. With a year left on his enlistment, Alex decided not to reenlist and instead pursued a deep interest in various asset classes. He delved into stocks, crypto, businesses, mergers and acquisitions, but it was real estate that captured his attention due to the control it offered, particularly in terms of forced appreciation. Initially attracted to flipping houses, Alex joined a flipping mentorship program. However, during a call with the mentor in 2015, he discovered that the mentor's long-term wealth was tied to short-term rentals. Intrigued and fascinated, Alex decided to invest in short-term rentals himself. With the mentor's guidance, he learned how to choose a suitable market and what factors contribute to a successful short-term rental. Upon completing his military service, Alex relocated to Asheville, North Carolina. He obtained his real estate license and began searching for a short-term rental property to purchase. However, he encountered limited options within his price range that would have performed well as short-term rentals. Undeterred, Alex made the decision to build his first real estate investment – an 800 square foot A-frame property that he still owns today. This initial venture paved the way for further developments, turning 1 property into 2, and eventually growing to over $10 million in real estate with the help of investor capital. Moving forward, Alex has ambitious plans to triple his real estate investments in the coming year, continuing to leverage his expertise and passion for the industry.

Connect with Alex Jarbo at https://www.alexjarbo.com


"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - Jack

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