Episode 561

Unlock Cash Flow Gold: Transform Land into Longyard Profits! w/ Chris Long

From carpenter to millionaire, Chris Long shares his remarkable journey and the blueprint behind Longyard's success in transforming the self-storage industry. This episode dives deep into how Chris's innovative approach to industrial outside storage and self-storage concepts has paved the way for financial freedom for many. Whether you're interested in becoming a franchisee or simply looking to expand your investment portfolio, this discussion offers invaluable insights into real estate investing and the untapped potential of unique storage solutions.

**Key Takeaways:**

- Understand the Longyard model and how it revolutionizes self-storage and industrial outside storage.

- Learn about the strategic renovations and investments that turned a simple idea into a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

- Discover how to create generational wealth through smart, scalable real estate investment strategies.

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"Investing in real estate is not just about profit; it's about shaping futures and creating legacies." Let Chris Long's journey inspire you to take the leap into real estate investing and build your path to financial freedom.

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0:00 - Chris Long Introduction

1:17 - Building Long Yards

2:58 - Balancing Quality, Speed, Price

5:46 - Potential Drawbacks

6:59 - Capacity of Long Yards

9:55 - Introducing Long Offices

10:57 - Financial Overview

14:07 - Deep Dive into Long Yards

14:48 - Chris Long's Origin Story

17:15 - Insights into Construction

18:48 - Planning Bathroom Facilities

19:50 - Key Lessons from Long Yards

21:15 - Handling Non-Payment Issues

23:08 - Lockout Procedures

23:58 - Long Yards Rental Pricing

26:40 - Exploring Franchising Opportunities

30:16 - Overview of Missed Points

30:43 - Community Benefits

31:40 - Quick Questions Answered

32:43 - Concluding Remarks


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