Episode 519

Scaling Your Real Estate Investing Business to New Heights with Shaun Young

Welcome back to the REI Mastermind Network! In today's episode, we have a special guest, Shaun Young, who will be sharing his incredible journey in the real estate industry. Coming from a sales background, Shaun initially believed he could handle all the deals and contracts on his own. However, after months of struggling, he realized the need for help and hired his first virtual assistant to scale his business. Little did he know, this decision would change everything. Shaun shares his experiences, lessons learned, and the incredible success he achieved by partnering with virtual assistants. Tune in as we dive deep into the power of virtual assistants, the challenges of real estate wholesaling, and the importance of having the right mindset on this exciting episode of the REI Mastermind Network. Let's get started!

Connect with Shaun Young: https://realestatemastery.com/

Key Topics and Bullets:

The speaker's sales background and initial belief in being the best person to handle deals and contracts:

  • Struggles faced with this belief
  • Intervention and advice from coach to bring in help

Hiring the first virtual assistant and scaling the business:

  • Importance of investing in franchises for higher success rates
  • Example of investing in a McDonald's franchise
  • Challenges in hiring and managing virtual assistants
  • Creation of REI World Solutions to provide virtual assistants for the speaker's company and clients nationwide
  • Importance of daily interaction and proper training for virtual assistants

Misconceptions and challenges in real estate wholesaling:

  • Wholesaling as the hardest aspect of real estate investing
  • The misconception of needing little to no money to start
  • Significant work required to find deals and make phone calls
  • Importance of finding a mentor or coach for guidance and support
  • The importance of mindset and intention in succeeding in the business

Time management considerations and commitment to the business:

  • Market research, mailers, follow-ups, cold calling, and texting
  • Need for assistance if lacking time for crucial tasks
  • Importance of full commitment and giving the business a 90 to 120 day runway

Finding the right virtual assistant:

  • Assessing experience level and skills in the specific industry
  • Ensuring the VA is solely dedicated to your company
  • Treating the VA like a committed employee

Impact of virtual assistant team on business success:

  • Improved productivity and increased deal closures
  • Incorporating creative deals and scaling the business
  • Adapting to market changes and aligning with knowledgeable individuals

Personal journey and motivation in pursuing real estate:

  • Investing severance money in real estate after job loss
  • Coaching and helping other students in the industry
  • Applying the "7 layers deep why exercise" to understand motivations



"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - Jack

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