Episode 545

Raising Capital Secrets for Your Next Big Deal w/ Nick Elder

Dive into the world of real estate investing with Nick Elder, a dynamic force in the industry, as he reveals the "Raising Capital Secrets for Your Next Big Deal." From a high-stakes career in pharmaceutical sales to a successful pivot into real estate, Nick's journey is nothing short of inspiring. 🏘️✨

In this must-watch episode, Nick unpacks his transition to real estate after a forced layoff, his strategies for liquidity, and his relentless focus on multifamily assets. His story is a masterclass in resilience and strategic thinking, perfect for anyone looking to bolster their investment portfolio.

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Key takeaways you won't want to miss:

  • The art of raising capital in today's market 📈
  • How to leverage a layoff as a launchpad for investing 🚀
  • Transitioning from single-family to multifamily investments 🏢
  • Crucial advice on finding mentors and the importance of networking 🌐

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"Take the risk or lose the chance. The path to success is to take massive, determined action." - Nick Elder

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0:00 - Introduction to Nick's Journey

0:19 - Career Shift: Pharma to Real Estate

3:07 - Real Estate Investment Strategies

4:29 - Hindsight: Changes in Nick's Approach

6:08 - Multifamily Real Estate Opportunities

7:30 - Getting Started with Real Estate Investments

9:40 - Top Real Estate Investing Mistakes

10:51 - Geographic Location of Rentals

12:33 - The Value of Real Estate Mentors

13:54 - Nick's Future Real Estate Plans

15:47 - Networking for Real Estate Success

17:30 - Real Estate Mindset Transformation

20:00 - Connect with Nick Elder on LinkedIn

20:25 - Balancing Dual Careers

21:38 - Skills Transfer: Pharma Sales to Real Estate

22:57 - Debunking Real Estate Myths

25:15 - The Power of Action in Real Estate

26:38 - Common Real Estate Investor Misconceptions

27:04 - Recommended Reading for Investors

27:19 - Essential Real Estate Business Tools

27:35 - Reflections: Advice to Younger Self

27:56 - Immediate Real Estate Advice to Implement

28:22 - Additional Insights Missed

28:34 - How to Contact Nick


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"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - Jack

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