Episode 529

Pursuing Financial Freedom: Joey Mure's Insights on Defining Personal Goals and Achieving Success

Joey Mure is a seasoned investor who understands the importance of knowing oneself before making any investment decisions. He believes that Wall Street has trained people to only focus on the potential ROI of an investment, while neglecting to consider their own unique perspectives, experiences, resources, and goals. Joey has developed a process that helps people cut through the noise of the investment world and make quick, informed decisions that align with their individual strengths and aspirations. By emphasizing the significance of self-awareness in investing, Joey has helped many people take meaningful action towards their financial success.

Connect with Joey Mure: https://go.wealthwithoutwallstreet.com/reimastermind

Topics & Bullets:

Defining Financial Freedom and Setting Personal Goals

  • Importance of defining personal reasons for pursuing financial freedom
  • Encouragement to dream despite societal pressures and norms
  • Being honest with oneself and seeking accountability from a spouse
  • Story about achieving financial freedom through land flipping

Taking Control of Financial Future

  • Disproving the misconception that individuals cannot invest on their own
  • Need for education and the societal impact of homeschooling
  • Sharing experiences of finding inspiration and like-minded individuals

Building a Plan for Financial Freedom

  • Defining financial freedom and setting a date for its achievement
  • Importance of setting milestones, building accountability, and being in the right community
  • Linking financial freedom to emotional goals, such as spending quality time with loved ones
  • Suggesting resources for listeners and emphasizing the value of spending time with like-minded people

Aligning Investments with Personal Values and Goals

  • Emphasis on knowing oneself as an investor and aligning investments with personal values and goals for financial freedom
  • Sticking with investments of interest for greater success and positive results
  • Discussing the success story of a community member after joining their program
  • Recommendations for valuable books and personality profile systems for hiring and building a team

Long-Term Impact of Investments

  • Viewing investments as long-term impacts rather than short-term expenses
  • Considering the cost of not investing or making the wrong investment decisions

Reflection and Advice

  • Reflecting on past financial decisions and advising a younger self to focus on achieving financial freedom early
  • Discussing the importance of understanding one's investor DNA for financial freedom and making available resources for an investor DNA profile

Conclusion and Closing Remarks

  • Expressing satisfaction with the discussion and appreciating the opportunity to be on the podcast



"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - Jack

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