Episode 485

Navigating Real Estate Lending in a Volatile Economy with Edward Brown

Edward Brown is a financial consulting and tax work expert who started his business in 1983. He got into the hard money loan space in the early 1990s and has seen multiple cycles. His best time was during the SNL crisis in the early 90s, when he used to say it was like shooting fish in a barrel. He specializes in the owner occupied consumer bridge loan. He believes it's a challenging loan to provide because of the expensive barrier of entry to be a lender. Despite this, Edward's business, Private Money, has become one of the few licensed lenders in California to provide this loan. They cross-collateralize existing properties with target properties, so their borrowers don't have to move twice. Edward predicts that they will be the number one private lender in the United States for doing owner occupied consumer bridge loans, and they'll probably do close to a billion dollars in transactions this year.

Connect with Edward Brown: https://www.pacificprivatemoney.com/


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