Episode 498

Mastering the Art of Schmoozing: Building Genuine Connections and Achieving Success with Cody Lowry

Welcome back to another episode of the REI Mastermind Network! I'm your host, Jack Hoss, and today we have a very special guest joining us: the one and only Cody Lowry, aka the "king of Schmoozing." Get ready for an incredible conversation filled with inspiring stories, valuable insights, and practical tips on building meaningful relationships and achieving business success.

In this episode, Cody shares various experiences from their life, including rubbing shoulders with the President, collecting a baseball signed by the Pope, carrying the Olympic torch, and even receiving a Super Bowl ring. But don't be fooled, Cody isn't your typical athlete or celebrity. They're an ordinary individual who believes in the power of personal connections and genuine communication.

Cody's book, which has been incredibly successful, redefines the concept of "schmoozing" as a way to authentically connect with others. They emphasize the importance of reaching out to those who are less fortunate and making a positive difference in their lives. Trust us, you don't want to miss out on this fascinating conversation and the insights Cody will share.

But before we dive into our interview with Cody, we'll also explore some fascinating stories from the host's own life, including a childhood of moving 32 times in just seven years and valuable lessons learned from selling newspapers. Plus, we'll discuss the pros and cons of 50/50 partnerships in business and the importance of working smart and working hard to achieve success.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired as we embark on this journey of building relationships, achieving success, and finding joy in the journey. Without further ado, let's jump right into episode 498 of the REI Mastermind Network!

Connect with Cody Lowry! https://mrschmooze.com/

Cody's experiences: 
  • Meeting the President
  • Getting a baseball signed by the Pope
  • Carrying the Olympic torch
  • Receiving a Super Bowl ring
  • Auditioning for Saturday Night Live
  • Running the Marine Corps marathon despite not being an athlete

Speaker's successful book: 
  • Redefining "schmooze" as a genuine and meaningful way to connect with others
  • Emphasizing the importance of personal connections, communication, and building relationships
  • Importance of reaching out and making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate
  • Encouraging listeners to download the book for the audio version
  • Endorsement of the book, comparing it to Dale Carnegie's work
  • Easy, funny, and inspirational nature of the book, suitable for everyone including those with a limited vocabulary
  • Keynote speech given to an investment group in Orlando, focusing on building relationships and trust in business
  • Personal story about winning a multi-million dollar account by building relationships with Toyota dealers
  • Importance of researching and knowing about potential clients before meeting them, showing genuine interest in their background
  • Value of transparency, trustworthiness, and never letting clients down
  • Introduction of Cody Lowry, the "king of Schmoozing"
  • Speaker's childhood experience of going from riches to rags, moving frequently
  • Lessons learned about hard work, building relationships, and having fun while selling newspapers
  • Emphasizing kindness and reaching out to others in need
  • Personal story about resilience and perseverance learned from a customer encounter
  • Speaker's belief that everyone faces adversity in life, and that failure and success can be temporary
  • Mistake of entering into a 50/50 partnership in business
  • Advising people to have a 51% or 49% ownership in a partnership for clear positioning
  • Discomfort with giving someone else an equal share of profits while bringing in the majority
  • Discussion on the difficulty of selling newspapers at the end of day 23
  • Belief that unless there is a complete collapse, people in business can have a better year
  • Importance of working hard and working smart for success
  • Success stories of individuals who attribute their success to both hard work and smart work
  • Speaker's experiences as a stand-up comedian and pursuing their goals with persistence
  • Story of auditioning for Saturday Night Live and the pursuit of acting
  • Value of family and joy derived from grandchildren
  • Advice to be more serious in life, reflecting on past experiences of not taking things seriously
  • Regret about not being more serious earlier in academic journey
  • Emphasis on the importance of likability and familiarity in doing business
  • Making a good first impression and engaging in small talk for successful business interactions, referencing Elon Musk's views.


"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - Jack

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