Episode 551

How to Turn Real Estate Into Your Child's College Fund w/ Brad Baldridge

Transform your child’s future and navigate the soaring costs of college through smart real estate investments! In this enlightening episode, we're joined by Brad Baldridge, a financial planning maestro who specializes in turning real estate assets into a robust college fund for your kids. Delve into a wealth of strategies that go beyond traditional savings, exploring how real estate can offer not just a solid education for your children but also pave the way for generational wealth.

**What You'll Learn:**

- **Connect with Brad Baldridge!** Gain insights from Brad's journey from real estate investor to college planning expert. Visit [tamingthehighcostofcollege.com](http://tamingthehighcostofcollege.com) for resources and guidance.

- **Real Estate Investing for Education:** Discover how to leverage real estate for your child's college fund without sacrificing your retirement.

- **Strategic Renovations & Market Insights:** Uncover the potential in strategic renovations and market insights that can amplify your investment portfolio.

- **Generational Wealth:** Learn how real estate investing can contribute to creating generational wealth, ensuring financial freedom and a legacy for your family.

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"Real estate investing, at its core, is about envisioning a future where financial stability and generational wealth aren't just dreams but reality." - Embrace this journey and unlock the potential in real estate to secure your child’s educational future and beyond.

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0:00 - Intro

1:36 - College Planning Mistakes

6:25 - Financing College & Retirement Planning

8:06 - Student Loan Forgiveness Update

14:19 - Balancing College Costs & Retirement Savings

17:24 - Benefits of PSEO & AP Classes

21:35 - Lowering College Expenses Strategies

26:26 - Real Estate & Business to Fund College

31:18 - Rapid Fire Q&A

34:18 - Early College Preparation Tips


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