Episode 570

From House Hacks to Land Success w/ Dan Haberkost

Dan Haberkost, an industrious entrepreneur with a strategic mind for real estate, is the brain behind the thriving company, Front Range Land. Dan's journey into the realm of real estate magnified when he pondered over augmenting his income to fuel his passion for acquiring property. With the vision to scale and a knack for identifying market gaps, Dan proposed an idea that would turn into a full-scale operation— a direct-to-seller marketing funnel crafted for purchasing lands at a fraction of their value.

Front Range Land, under Dan's astute leadership, operates on a simple yet effective business model: purchasing land assets for 30 to 70 cents on the dollar and then employing a mix of wholesale and retail strategies. The company takes land through the entire cycle—acquiring it at below-market rates, closing the deal, and then listing it for full price on the MLS, making it accessible for the next buyer.

But Dan didn't stop there. His business acumen led him to selectively use some of these lands for new construction, adding another layer to his investment strategy. This tactical approach has not just been about immediate profits; it's been a steady mechanism that Dan has utilized to scale his income and empower his long-term goal of amassing a substantial portfolio of buy-and-hold rental properties.

Through determination and smart investment practices, Dan Haberkost has become more than a businessman—he has established himself as a model of how a clear vision and relentless execution can lead to sustainable growth in the competitive field of real estate investing.

Connect with Dan Haberkost: danhhaberkost.com


00:00 Started land business, scaled income, bought properties.

03:59 Investing in new, quality real estate properties.

07:34 Building legitimacy, consistent messaging, and powerful marketing.

10:35 Prompted by friend, took leap of faith.

15:51 Using the culture index for remote sales.

17:26 Patience and rapport crucial for acquisition success.

20:11 Persistence in following up leads vital.

23:30 Land due diligence varies by location norms.

26:56 Strategize to obtain contact details for every lead.

30:47 History repeats, brings reassurance, lessons learned.


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