Episode 568

From 3 to 800 Units: Charles Carillo's Growth Secrets!

Discover the incredible journey of Charles Carillo from managing a modest three-unit property to mastering an 800-unit real estate empire! In this detailed exploration, Charles unveils the strategic insights and pivotal decisions that catapulted his success in the competitive world of real estate investing. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the game, this video is packed with actionable advice that can help you scale your portfolio and achieve financial freedom.

🔑 What You'll Learn:

- How Charles started with simple house hacking and rapidly expanded his investments.

- The importance of choosing the right markets and building reliable partnerships.

- Effective strategies for managing large-scale multifamily properties.

- Tips on navigating property sales and leveraging market timing for maximum profit.

🌟 Connect with Charles and dive deeper into his strategies by visiting HarborsidePartners.com!

👉 Why Watch?

- Gain insights from a real estate pro who's thrived through market ups and downs.

- Learn to leverage commercial real estate for generational wealth.

- Discover tactical approaches to syndication and property management that yield results.

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0:00 - Charles Carillo Introduction

0:22 - Real Estate Growth Strategy

2:02 - Investment Strategies 2023

7:15 - Vetting Real Estate Operators

12:33 - Reflecting on Real Estate Decisions

14:20 - Common Investor Mistakes

17:08 - Lessons in Real Estate Investment

19:00 - Current Projects of Charles Carillo

20:14 - Maintaining Investment Discipline

23:51 - Tips for Impressing Real Estate Brokers

25:44 - Personal Reflections by Charles Carillo

25:53 - Book Recommendations for Investors

26:16 - Advice to Younger Self in Real Estate

26:43 - Time-Saving Business Tools

27:14 - Uncovered Topics in Real Estate Investing


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