Episode 557

CPA Turned Investor: Secrets to Real Estate Wealth 🏠💼 w/ Mark Keppelman

🏠💼 From CPA to Real Estate Mogul: Mark Keppelman reveals how he transitioned from a high-flying accounting career to amassing significant wealth through strategic real estate investments. Dive into this episode as Mark shares his journey, from his first house flip to building a multifamily empire, and the pivotal role of specialized real estate accounting in scaling his portfolio. If you're aiming to bridge your professional expertise with real estate investing to create generational wealth, this is a must-watch!

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💡 "Investing in real estate is not just about property. It's about perspective." - Mark Keppelman

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0:00 - Intro

0:48 - Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

6:16 - Accounting Basics for Investors

9:05 - Common Investing Mistakes

12:17 - Internal vs External Accounting

15:35 - Key Questions for Your Accountant

17:20 - Tax Preparer vs Accountant Differences

20:53 - Vetting Property Managers

24:15 - Real Estate Turnaround Success Story

26:11 - Rapid Fire Q&A


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