Episode 500

ADU Construction in San Diego: How Focusing on Detached Units Led to Business Growth with Whitney Hill

Welcome back to another episode of the REI Mastermind Network! In today's milestone 500th episode, our host Jack Hoss is joined by the talented Whitney Hill, as they dive deep into the world of ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) and the secrets to building a successful business in the real estate industry.

Whitney and Mike, the founders of a renowned ADU construction company in San Diego, share their fascinating journey from different career backgrounds to specializing exclusively in detached ADU construction. They discuss how their focus on specialization propelled their brand recognition, ranking in SEO search results, and revenue growth.

Our guests also shed light on the importance of careful software decision-making, sharing their experience evaluating tools like HubSpot and Pipedrive. As their company grew, they recognized the need to define roles and empower their team members to make independent decisions, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, Whitney and Mike reveal their secrets to building larger ADUs, achieving higher revenue with the same team, and streamlining operations through vertical integration. They discuss the crucial tools that have revolutionized their work environment, including Zoom, Builder Trend, and Asana.

Tune in to this episode for invaluable insights into ADU construction, strategic growth, and the power of consistency in building a sustainable business. Don't miss out on the milestone 500th episode of REI Mastermind Network!

Connect with Whitney Hill: https://snapadu.com/

  • Introduction to the speaker and their career background
    • Starting in different fields and specializing in ADUs in North County, San Diego
  • The importance of focusing on detached ADUs for efficiency and repeatability
  • Building a website and brand around ADU construction in San Diego
  • The benefits of specializing exclusively in ADUs for SEO and brand recognition
  • The fear and joy of missing out (Jomo) when turning away complex or unrelated jobs
  • The importance of carefully considering software decisions
    • Software decisions as one-way gates for at least a couple of years
The speaker's role in thinking about techniques, software evolution, and supporting growth
  • Evaluating HubSpot and Pipedrive as potential software options
  • Rapid growth in terms of the number and size of ADUs built
  • Specializing in larger ADUs to increase average contract size
  • Achieving higher revenue with improved efficiency and reduced overhead
  • Current workload of building around 4 ADUs per month
  • The benefits of specialization and continuous learning in becoming more efficient
  • Becoming more vertically integrated by taking design and permitting in-house
  • Increased control and consistency in work through these changes
  • Importance of role definition in a startup environment and empowering employees to make decisions
  • Working on providing clarity for everyone's roles and responsibilities
  • Plans to create role descriptions and organizational charts in 2023
  • Importance of clear hierarchy and decision-making process for employee empowerment
  • Speaker's experience in house flips and utilizing Builder Trend project management system
  • Introduction to ADUs and California regulations
  • Speaker's company specializing exclusively in standalone ADUs
  • Company growth and hiring sales, marketing, and pre-construction teams
  • Adoption of assembly line approach and segmenting construction tasks
  • Benefits of thinking differently and implementing a series approach to increase efficiency
  • Onboarding new hires to fit into the evolved system
  • Three indispensable tools for their work environment: Zoom, builder trend, and Asana
  • The value of focusing on the basics and consistency for success
  • Overcoming initial hesitation and starting the ADU business during the pandemic
  • Utilizing remote site assessments and technology for streamlined operations
  • Decision to stay fully remote and leverage technology for operations


"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - Jack

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