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Adapting to a Digital World with Brad Van De Walle #241
June 10, 2021
Brad Van De Walle followed his passion in 2009 when he became a Realtor®. Since then, Brad has brought together several teams of successful, reliable Realtors and talented staff, dedicated to creating the very best real estate experience for their clients. His ability to connect with people combines with his infectious energy and unique sales approach to make Brad one of the most well connected and well-liked people in the real estate industry. Brad’s belief in working hard, taking risks, and trying the untried makes him relentless in the pursuit of growth and success for his clients, his business partners, and himself. The motto of Brad’s first real estate team “we sell a house every 3 days, we want yours to be next”, remains true many years later as Brad and his team launch the Infill Hub Group.
Brad Van De Walle followed his passion in 2009 when he became a Realtor®. Since then, Brad has brought together several teams of successful, reliable Realtors and talented staff, dedicated to creating the very best real estate experience for their clients.
His ability to connect with people combines with his infectious energy and unique sales approach to make Brad one of the most well connected and well-liked people in the real estate industry.
Brad’s belief in working hard, taking risks, and trying the untried makes him relentless in the pursuit of growth and success for his clients, his business partners, and himself. The motto of Brad’s first real estate team “we sell a house every 3 days, we want yours to be next”, remains true many years later as Brad and his team launch the Infill Hub Group.

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"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - JD

00:00:00 JD Hoss 
Well, we have Brad Van De Walle is did I pronounce that right? 
00:00:05 Brad Van De Walle 
Close Brad Van De Walle. My friends of 30 years, can't even say it properly so I don't. It's a tough one. 
00:00:13 JD 
Well, it's well if anything, if you want to see his full spelling and go to his website coaching with Brad Com, especially if you're a realtor, that's what he specializes in, but he also has quite a bit of experience with real estate investing, and I really appreciate you coming on the show and providing some of that experience to our listeners today. 
00:00:34 Brad 
Yeah, I appreciate you. Having me means a lot. Thanks so much. 
00:00:38 JD 
So I know you're up in Canada like I, I'm just curious with our Canadian neighbors like how is the COVID been treating you up there? 
00:00:49 Brad 
I it's definitely more locked down in the United States. I find you guys are a little bit of a free for all times, but you know we've had to be locked down. 
00:00:57 Brad 
That being said, you know last year was the best year. In 11 years I've ever had in real estate. 
00:01:02 Brad 
So I think you just gotta learn to adapt. I do a lot of stuff more, virtually like first-time homebuyers, seminars via zoom now. 
00:01:10 Brad 
We actually do. 
00:01:12 Brad 
Projects like investment projects that we have that we do five-year rental guarantees, so it's pretty rare to find a five-year rental guarantee, so we do stuff that you can put. 
00:01:21 Brad 
You know 5% down now 5% down in 45 days. Possessions in two years and then you have a five-year rental guarantee after that. So I've been doing zoom seminars for investors. 
00:01:31 Brad 
And selling those two, so that's been a big part of my business. Last year is just learning to adapt and help the world's going on. 
00:01:39 JD 
Well, that's a big lesson, right? There is how you've learned to adapt. I mean, how did you come across and how has the like doing some of these zoom calls? How have they been received pretty well? 
00:01:52 Brad 
Yeah, it's honestly. It's a major part of my business. Like for the Realtors that are possibly listening like first-time homebuyer seminars. 
00:01:59 Brad 
I'm getting upwards of 100 to 120 people per webinar. Zoom that insane and then the investor webinars that I'm doing with my marketing team, I'd say. 
00:02:03 JD 
Oh wow. 
00:02:11 Brad 
See the most we have on is 130 up, so it's like. Yeah, of course, people looking for investment opportunities, especially whenever people see you know. In Canada we have some stuff you know we market to Toronto, who's obviously a massive city and then their prices are crazy in Toronto. Or sorry in Calgary. Our markets great, you know our prices. 
00:02:30 Brad 
We're still at an all-time low. They're starting to go up. 
00:02:32 Brad 
Now and when you can offer an investor a five-year rental guarantee like let's think about this, it's a five-year rental guarantee. 
00:02:39 Brad 
Even if the place is vacant for five years, you're still guaranteed 6 1/2% of the purchase price yearly. 
00:02:46 Brad 
Then obviously divided by monthly. So somebody looking for a great investment opportunity. It's huge and the projects. 
00:02:53 Brad 
Ready for two years? So you want to think about this thing for seven years total? So there's a lot of people that have been interested in something. 
00:02:59 Brad 
We got. 
00:03:00 JD 
Can you compare that? Like what kind of turnouts would you have typically seen if you would have done all of this in person? 
00:03:06 Brad 
I'll be honest with you, I never did, it's. It's a concept that I that we came up with. 
00:03:11 Brad 
We were doing first-time homebuyers seminars live right. We do them in brick-and-mortar COVID hit. We tried zoom and then we were getting tons of action from zoom and then I thought like I'll be honest with you. 
00:03:23 Brad 
I'm like can I sell a $350,000 condo or 400 via zoom to somebody who's never been to my city? 
00:03:24 Brad 
Can I? 
00:03:30 Brad 
I'm like, man, I don't know but we did it. We sold the time so it actually it was just flying by the seat of my pants to be completely honest. 
00:03:38 Brad 
It was so successful with the first-time homebuyer seminars and like, well it's just tried to see if investors. 
00:03:43 Brad 
Want to come on board and we were fortunate enough that we crushed a bunch of units that way too. 
00:03:48 JD 
Yeah wow. 
00:03:49 JD 
So can you talk now? You've really piqued my interest here on this whole the way this zoom thing works. 
00:03:56 Brad 
I know. 
00:03:56 JD 
So because I think a lot of people are struggling with what you're what, you've just. 
00:04:02 JD 
Solved here to a certain extent, so when you. 
00:04:05 JD 
When you are selling properties to these audiences, how do you present these properties via zoom? Are they photos and videos? Do you? Are you actually at the places like? 
00:04:10 Brad 
00:04:18 Brad 
I know, so like it, you know it's I'm pretty comfortable on zoom. I've done a ton of these in these webinars, so if somebody looking to do it obviously make sure you practice, but you know, we have a whole pitch deck, a slide deck. We show the numbers we show the units. There are videos of the renderings that look. 
00:04:33 Brad 
Basically like it's real and just talk about the project and the investment opportunity and how you know we had a limited amount of units for for a five year rental guarantee we had. 
00:04:44 Brad 
You know, probably three or four different projects just depended what people threshold was. And yeah, it's a concept that, like honestly, you know your numbers. 
00:04:53 Brad 
Aren't super great. I'm not going to sit here and say that there's 100 people on in 10 bot that's really not the case. It's probably still the one or 2% being realistic. 
00:05:03 Brad 
But that being said, it's an hour and a half zoom. If you're getting paid as a realtor. 4 to 6% Commission, and your double ending it, it can be very, very lucrative. 
00:05:12 Brad 
And it's away. But then what we've had so many that now we have a following. So now we've like 3 or 4000 people that are in our database 'cause we've been doing it for a year that when we launch a project, it's like here's our next project. People like Kate call me. 
00:05:24 Brad 
I'm ready now and people are doing it at different times, so. 
00:05:28 Brad 
You just. 
00:05:28 Brad 
You just gotta get creative. Uhm, you gotta get creative in your market without doing different things. 
00:05:34 JD 
So when you kicked this off, how did you promote it, mostly social or? 
00:05:38 Brad 
All Facebook yeah, and I'm not attacked person so I have a marketing team that did it for me. They went and launched and it's being strategic in how you're launching it. 'cause Toronto market is doubled to triple what we are here and a lot of investors. 
00:05:39 JD 
00:05:54 Brad 
Can't afford to invest in Toronto so but they want investment properties so we got with a couple of developers and said hey our costs are less than half. They're not ready for two years. Plus the five-year rental guarantee and people from Toronto or like. 
00:06:06 Brad 
Oh my gosh, this is nothing and everything cash flows, so it's finding an audience that would be interested. I think is a big part of the marketing strategy for it is, you know, if you live in Orlando and you have some really great places. 
00:06:18 Brad 
And let's say you know that, and I'm making this up for the record, let's say you know that. 
00:06:23 Brad 
30% of your clients are coming from New York 'cause people are fleeing New York. What you want to do is market bear. 
00:06:28 Brad 
Don't necessarily market your own backyard market, where it seems inexpensive and like you have that strategy, and that mentality is don't necessarily go in your backyard. 
00:06:30 JD 
Oh sure. 
00:06:37 Brad 
Is where are people coming from? Find that demographic and go market there so you're the go to expert for the people in your city. 
00:06:46 JD 
So is you know up in Canada is this? Is that something new regarding the five year lease guarantee? I mean you you? 
00:06:54 JD 
I haven't heard people using that before. 
00:06:55 Brad 
But never skin. 
00:06:57 Brad 
I've never seen it. We kind of created it, uh, my business partner. Mark was the concept behind this idea that we had. 
00:07:05 Brad 
And I launched about a year and a half ago. We actually sold 187 units to investors in Ontario in two weeks, so nobody even in my own city. 
00:07:14 Brad 
So they came in that everybody like hit the papers everybody like oh, it's a fluke. And then he did it again for 87 units just this October. So it's not a fluke. I just got to know the right people and provide the right. 
00:07:26 Brad 
Recipe as we call it has to be. There has to be a certain way for people to get on board, but it's definitely possible. 
00:07:34 JD 
Huh, so during your let's talk about your real estate investor meetups via zoom, what? What kind of content do you typically cover? 
00:07:43 Brad 
Most of the time it's project-based, so if I have, it just depends. It's going to be different project by different project. 
00:07:49 Brad 
You know, sometimes we go back like at first we had a three-year rental guarantee, sold out a bunch, then we had a five-year rental guarantee to push us to the finish line to sell out some of. 
00:07:57 Brad 
Rest so I talk about Calgary. Why invest in Calgary? Calgary is one of the top cities in North America. 
00:08:05 Brad 
It's got top rating on the top in the world. We've been a little bit suppressed. I think we're the I think truthfully, we're the only market in North America that's been going down for six or seven years since 2014. We've been tanking. 
00:08:18 Brad 
And then now we're kind of at the bottom. And now there's bidding wars like just the last couple months people are starting bidding wars. We're having 810 eleven offers like we hear all we've heard for years to our American friend. 
00:08:30 Brad 
Ends and to the people out east. Now we're starting to get a taste of it too as well. So I just talk about how you know we're at the bottom invested now. Which you are. 
00:08:38 Brad 
Do you want invest here or do you want to invest here? Because at one point in Toronto and I and Calgary were neck and neck for pricing. 
00:08:44 Brad 
And then you know one went up and the other one went down. So we're on the mend. So just basically about the demographics. 
00:08:47 JD 
00:08:51 Brad 
In my city. 
00:08:53 JD 
No, this is is interesting. How you've adapted to this, and I I. Unfortunately, I don't think there's been a lot of people who have adapted to this online world. And, I'm actually pretty impressed with the numbers you're pulling. 
00:09:08 JD 
For uh, for some of these zoom sessions. 
00:09:12 Brad 
Yeah, it's all in the 99.99% of people that would try and fail. Just being honest I would fail myself if I didn't have the marketing person that I. 
00:09:20 Brad 
I have I don't know how to set up Facebook. I don't know any do that. Then there's like text notifications that have to grow up strategically. 
00:09:27 Brad 
There's emails that have to grow strategically. There's call to actions that have to grow strategically to up your attendance rates. 
00:09:34 Brad 
Plus then, once they're there, you have to engage and make sure that they stay there. So there's a strategy behind that. 
00:09:41 Brad 
Do is you know, engaging with your audience at the beginning, asking them where they're from so they feel like they're a part of it? 
00:09:46 Brad 
Then you keep going down, and then you kind of stop. It's like hey guys, what do you think of this? 
00:09:49 Brad 
And they get back engaged again. So there's actually a method behind the madness 'cause I've done. You know, 40 or 50 of them between the first-time homebuyers, seminars and the investment ones that we really have it down to an art form. 
00:10:01 Brad 
So for anybody that's starting, it can be challenging if you don't, because you might get four or five people, and they're like this is a waste. 
00:10:07 Brad 
It's not the waste you just didn't have the right tools to make it successful. 
00:10:11 JD 
And you know, there's always some value in doing the pitch anyway, because the more you do it, the more you're going to get good at it so. 
00:10:19 Brad 
Absolutely, even if there's four people on you know we haven't had, though I think the least we had for first-time homebuyer was eight, and we still went through it because you just go with the motions. 
00:10:28 Brad 
It's like you know, it's like training a muscle. You just keep going and just get better and better and better. 
00:10:32 Brad 
That and more comfortable. 
00:10:34 JD 
Is there anything that you do to incentivize them to to show up other than the reminders? 
00:10:39 Brad 
No, it's your call to action, like a first-time home buyers one. It's like you're going to make $50,000 worth of mistakes if you buy and people like holy crap like I'm like I don't want to make $50,000, so that's enough to engage people to come in. 
00:10:54 Brad 
And we talk about how they could do that, and then the other one is finding our lowest price. 
00:10:59 Brad 
The unit that we have in marketing it. 
00:11:01 Brad 
To you know different areas of the country. It's like get a unit for 199 and they're like I can't even get a tree for it for 199 in my city. 
00:11:09 Brad 
So that called the action 'cause you have three or four units at that price point brings, draws a lot of people in. 
00:11:15 Brad 
Most of those get scooped up pretty quick, but some people won't want. We'll want other stuff as you show your presentation, so it's really your call to action. 
00:11:22 Brad 
That is a big part of what will make you successful. 
00:11:26 JD 
I really like the concept of you you're going to make $50,000 in mistakes. I mean that that gets people's attention. That's a great line. 
00:11:37 Brad 
For sure, and even if you were, you know if you aren't investor looking for investors, it's pretty incredible. 
00:11:42 Brad 
Like you know, just thinking right now off the top of my head 'cause you're like well, my mind always racing once you get to know me, it's like well what else could we do? 
00:11:48 Brad 
It's like, well, I just bought a 24 unit project. We're in the middle of an offer for one in Saskatoon, and we'll need investors so you know you can even do that. 
00:11:56 Brad 
You could, you could, if you're an investor, you could use it via zoom. 
00:12:00 Brad 
Do social media be like are you tired of getting 3 to 5% market volatility like get there hit the pain points of people? 
00:12:07 Brad 
It's like, yeah, you know, I'm tired of the markets and I, you know, they're up. They're down as soon as you know Trump tweets or Elon Musk tweets and skyrockets. It goes down. So a lot of people looking for something more secure so you can even. 
00:12:20 Brad 
Find a building. If you're looking for investors. If you have, you know you have a pretty guaranteed return. 
00:12:25 Brad 
Post it, say guaranteed returns for, you know as little as a $10,000 investment or what you want to do. 
00:12:30 Brad 
I have never seen anybody do that, but for people that are on here that are looking to raise capital, there's nothing saying you can't have a small ad budget on Facebook. 
00:12:38 Brad 
Go to the places that you know that have really good equity. Like Cali has amazing equity. You know what I mean? 
00:12:45 Brad 
Find these people that have great equity that want to invest in other properties and make it completely hands-off so I don't know if. 
00:12:51 Brad 
There's there's an opportunity, I guarantee you there for that too. I just never seen it. I just thought of that right now to be honest. 
00:12:56 JD 
Do you, do you have? Do you have some pretty regular digital events now? Like where? Where could somebody find that if they wanted to? 
00:13:05 JD 
Join one of them to see what you're up to. 
00:13:08 Brad 
Uh, the truth is you could go again coaching with Brad Com, so whenever you go to coaching with Brad. 
00:13:13 Brad 
Com it'll actually go in and I go into my first-time homebuyers webinar. To be honest, so if you wanted to see how I do them, you can sign up. 
00:13:22 Brad 
The truth is, at the end, you know if anybody wants to call me and add some interest. I can kind of guide you to them. 
00:13:27 Brad 
I can set you to the marketing company that sets it up for me. You know, whatever people are looking for, I don't really. 
00:13:33 Brad 
Teach it or coach it. Being a real estate coach I. 
00:13:36 Brad 
Do Coach how to do it, but the tax side. I have no idea. I just basically hopefully pay somebody to be like. Bring people here and then I'll do my thing. 
00:13:39 JD 
Sure no. 
00:13:44 JD 
So, and I think one of my questions was really too because I. I wouldn't be surprised if a few people that are listening to this might be interested in the investment options that you were talking about. They might want to peek in on the models. 
00:13:57 Brad 
Yeah, we have some pretty crazy investment opportunities, so you know there's some. There's some stuff that you can get right now where, especially with the dollar like your guys, his dollar is still great, right? 
00:14:07 Brad 
So everything can it. It's 30% off right now, so if you're buying 7 to 500, it's not. It's 30% off of that, right? So as the dollar is creeping up. 
00:14:16 Brad 
Your return will get better, but there's some. There's some you know. I just bought one with my father-in-law and he bought another one. 
00:14:22 Brad 
You know you're buying something at 520,000 your mortgage at 20% down. It's maybe 1600 bucks, but these things rent out for $3400 a month. 
00:14:31 Brad 
So by the time you add on your cash flowing eight 900 bucks a month, which is pretty absurd for that price point, for a legally sweeted house. 
00:14:39 Brad 
So there's just all these options. You just gotta look for him. And now with Calgary market being suppressed like I sold five to investors last week because they're like holy crap, that's an amazing cash flow so. 
00:14:50 Brad 
Uhm, you know they're there. You just gotta look for deals. Maybe they're not in your backyard. 
00:14:54 JD 
Right? Are they houses or are they like multi-family condo-type units? 
00:14:59 Brad 
Single-family homes 520,000 seventeen 150 square feet up. Then a legal basement suite in the basement. 
00:15:06 Brad 
Two-bedroom basement suite. You get about 2300 up 22 to 2300 up and 1300 down plus util. 
00:15:12 Brad 
Place and it's in one of our. It's one of the top communities in North America and Calgary called Mahogany. 
00:15:17 Brad 
It's like a massive lake community. It's one of the best. It's one of the best places to live in Calgary, and I didn't even know it existed. 
00:15:24 Brad 
Being in realtor even until two weeks ago, then I told my father in law I'm like, you gotta get one and Full disclosure, I've I have a bunch of rentals I can't get anymore. 
00:15:32 Brad 
Unless it's commercial, I can't get anymore residential mortgages because the banks give me one of those because I just have. 
00:15:39 Brad 
I just have too many, so unfortunately not in a situation where I can buy some. Otherwise I probably about three or four to be honest. 
00:15:50 JD 
When you were running those numbers, I guess it was your business partner regarding this five-year lease guarantee. Like how did he come across that idea? 
00:16:01 Brad 
The honest truth the honest truth. Love him or hate him was Grant Cardone. So we got rid of his training a while ago. 
00:16:08 Brad 
Uhm, and our economy was really bad like this was like a year and a half ago and we had sold a few units and then the developer came to us and said we're going to shut this whole building down 'cause nothing was selling and that's the whole way. 
00:16:19 Brad 
It was in the whole city for a long time and then Grant Cardone said something said, create your own economy and that's something that really stuck with us where all of a sudden we're like. 
00:16:28 Brad 
OK, create your own economy. KF Albertans don't want to go here. Who might? And then we thought? Well, Toronto people have a ton of money 'cause they've got their properties have doubled, so they've insane equity that now they can't reinvest. 
00:16:40 Brad 
So we flew to Toronto, came up the concept and we asked the developer would you take this risk and do a three year? That one was a three-year rental guarantee. 
00:16:48 Brad 
And we crunched the numbers and it all made sense, and we brought the whole building over and sold it all so it was dumb. 
00:16:55 Brad 
It was actually probably one of that for sure. Mark and I was, you know, his business partner on the side it was. 
00:17:00 Brad 
He was the one that was really bringing it forward. It was him when I was on the sideline. It's probably one of my most proud moments, and you'd say the same that we have in our career is being able to make the headlines. 
00:17:09 Brad 
And we're the only building that's sold out. There are still buildings that haven't sold out in Calgary in years, and we did it in two weeks, so. 
00:17:15 Brad 
It was. 
00:17:16 JD 
Cool, so how do you do that? Like in the sale price? Do you set out set aside like put money in escrow and then make the rent payments during that period of time? Is that how it works? 
00:17:28 Brad 
So what it ends up being this way is it's just that rent is guaranteed, so for some reason the way that it was set up is the developer gets a property management company. 
00:17:38 Brad 
They factor in, you know how many the vacant seed so they had to do all those numbers. We just had to sell it. 
00:17:43 Brad 
They came back and said, sell this building so they factored in about a six or six and a half percent of the purchase price that was guaranteed. 
00:17:50 Brad 
So then everything cash flowed. Basically, you just get a check from the developer every month and it happens. So then the developer takes the rents from all the buildings they have it out. If it's money in money out, I don't know how exactly. Maybe they put a 500K. 
00:18:03 Brad 
Buffer in there, in case there's some you know vacancies and all that stuff, but the way it's done is you're paid directly from the developer, so you know it's guarantee. 
00:18:12 JD 
OK, that's a really interesting concept. And like I said, I hadn't heard that before. And, uh, you definitely have created your own economy. I mean, it's. 
00:18:24 JD 
Well, I just want to point everybody to your site again. I think you're going to find that some people are going to jump on a couple of your calls or two just to see what you're up to because. 
00:18:36 JD 
Uh, I think that there is a lot of innovation that you got going on regarding what you're doing and reaching some of your the people that you need to coaching with Brad. Com Before we sign off, is there a question you wish I would have asked you here today? 
00:18:53 Brad 
That's a great question. How old do I look? No, I'm kidding. 
00:18:58 JD 
Younger than me? Let's put it that way. 
00:19:01 Brad 
No, I'm getting no. It's a, you know, it's a great opportunity. And remember guys you know people that are on the fence for investing. 
00:19:07 Brad 
I'll leave you with this. I remember my very first investment that I made whenever I was I was 21 years old. I bought my own house. 
00:19:14 Brad 
And that was a big one that I bought a second one at 23, but I never really had. 
00:19:18 Brad 
It was a vacation home. I never really had anything and I remember I bought my first rental property and I came in and I was super proud of it. 
00:19:26 Brad 
I renovated it and they destroyed it and it was after about a couple weeks and I'm like I'm a realtor and I'm preaching this. I'm like this stuff. 
00:19:34 Brad 
PS I'm the real state. I'm like it's so I'm just going to sell it. Never do investment by a friend of mine. 
00:19:40 Brad 
And said just get a property manager and ever since then now I have about 23 or 24 different places. 
00:19:47 Brad 
So just remember to take the plunge. The best time to buy real estate is yesterday. It can make a financial difference. 
00:19:53 Brad 
Like if I have 24 places now when I retire doesn't matter. I could be flat broke as long as I don't ever sell these places, it's huge. 
00:20:00 Brad 
So just make the first move. Indecision is the worst decision, so just make sure that you hop on the train and try it once, but I'm telling you once you do it once, even if you have a bad experience, it's how you deal with it. You'll want to keep doing it over and over again. 
00:20:15 JD 
Wow, I'm going to steal that line indecision is the worst decision. 
00:20:18 Brad 
Hey kid, I stole it from somebody I don't remember who, but I stole it to R&D, rip off and duplicate. 
00:20:23 JD 
There you go. 
00:20:24 JD 
Well, thank you Brad. This was a great conversation and I hope we can chat again sometime.