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Subtle Words That Sell with Paul Ross #234
May 16, 2021
Paul Ross is an author, speaker, trainer, Master Hypnotist, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. For the past 30 years, he’s taught tens of thousands of people the power of language to persuade, sell, heal, turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and pain into passion. Paul’s speeches and training have motivated audiences around the world to discover their power to design their own results.
Paul Ross is an author, speaker, trainer, Master Hypnotist, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. For the past 30 years, he’s taught tens of thousands of people the power of language to persuade, sell, heal, turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and pain into passion. Paul’s speeches and training have motivated audiences around the world to discover their power to design their own results.

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"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - JD


00:00:00 JD 
We have Paul Ross on the on the line here tonight. Paul, I really appreciate and I've been looking forward to this conversation so I appreciate you know we had a little shuffle of the calendar, but we finally got it settled down and I really wanted to talk to you because first of all everybody should check out your book. 
00:00:20 JD 
Called subtle words that sell how to get your prospects to convince themselves to buy and add top dollars to your bottom line. 
00:00:29 JD 
That's there, there's some strategies and tips in there that we're really going to tackle here tonight because. 
00:00:36 JD 
00:00:38 JD 
Everybody in real estate investing land they. 
00:00:42 JD 
Especially when they're starting out. 
00:00:45 JD 
There are. They're squeezing out every inch and penny of that marketing dollar and not making proper use of those leads and opportunities that that come to them. 
00:00:56 JD 
And I think a lot of the strategies that you talk about in your book and some of the videos I've seen online, I think would really go a long way to help. 
00:01:05 JD 
00:01:06 JD 
Uh, get some more deals. 
00:01:09 Paul Ross 
Thank you. 
00:01:09 JD 
But let's start things off like I've always said I really want everybody to be able to find you. So Speaker Paul Ross and the last name is Ros. 
00:01:20 JD 
My Minnesotan accent sometimes gets that screwed up at the end. Those S is so Minnesota Speaker Paul Ross. Com to find out more information. And I know there's some videos and some other information out there for. 
00:01:33 JD 
People that. 
00:01:34 Paul Ross 
Yeah, that's if you want to get my uhm, rapid sales accelerator training. It's completely free. It's an audio training. 
00:01:42 Paul Ross 
A PDF report on destroying objections and then a first four chapters of my book on Mindset. Because mindset is a huge part of success. I don't care what business you're in, whether it's. 
00:01:54 Paul Ross 
Real estate investing selling cars. It doesn't matter. Your mindset is the crucial factor. You know as very well as I do that. 
00:02:04 Paul Ross 
That even real estate investing 20% of it is the technical aspect. 80% is the mindset. Knowing how to execute, believing that you can execute, getting all that stuff correct is is huge. 
00:02:18 JD 
Right, so let's start things at the beginning here. Because one of the things that I think is really intriguing is that a lot of people, and there's been a lot of sales training, especially in real estate investing lately that talks about building rapport. 
00:02:37 JD 
And how much time a person really needs to put in, you know, so it's not uncommon for some real estate investing in sales coaches to tell you to have to be there on-site for an hour or more to build that necessary rapport to close that sales. 
00:02:55 Paul Ross 
Well, well let's. 
00:02:57 Paul Ross 
Let's talk about this. 'cause first of all, I'm going to make some controversial statements. A lot of what I say. 
00:03:02 Paul Ross 
Day is coloring outside the lines comes. My cats are annoying me come from ice. We were having a little pre talk and I said my soup buys. 
00:03:12 Paul Ross 
Her myzus are here today and I may have to pause and throw them out, but they tend to howl at the door. 
00:03:18 Paul Ross 
Report I think is overrated. Report is only a subset of the larger picture, which is responsiveness. You want your client or prospect response. 
00:03:30 Paul Ross 
To you, in a positive way, so report is just a tool that serves that larger goal and report has dangers. 
00:03:38 Paul Ross 
Let me tell you the big number. One danger of report and exactly why you've got to get your mindset right before you get in. Report with someone, see if you're in deep report with someone. Then you're going to be sharing. 
00:03:51 Paul Ross 
Feeling your prospect is going to be see your potential client. Your client is going to be feeling what you feel. 
00:03:57 Paul Ross 
If you're really in deep report, so if you're feeling anxious, nervous, uncertain, what are they going to be feeling? 
00:04:04 JD 
The same. 
00:04:06 Paul Ross 
But they're not gonna be able to identify why they're not going to be able to say I'm in rapport with this person who's feeling anxious, nervous, uncertain. 
00:04:14 Paul Ross 
They're just gonna conclude that because they feel that way, you're not trustworthy, and then they're going to excuse themselves or go through the motions to be polite. So Repour is dangerous unless you get your mindset done. 
00:04:27 Paul Ross 
Properly, that's why the first four chapters of my book, the first section of my training, the first of my recorded training, the 1st. 
00:04:39 Paul Ross 
Day of any weekend training. I do now that covitz. Here we do it all virtually get your mindset right, but the most important thing to understand is people don't have an hours worth of focus to give you. 
00:04:53 Paul Ross 
How are you going to stay interesting, entertaining, interested in them, etc. So I say. 
00:05:00 Paul Ross 
Contrary to what everyone else is telling you, if you know how to tap into the power of the subconscious or unconscious mind and influence the other person on a subconscious level, you can go beyond report and get leadership and roll them in the notion that you are their leader in a matter of two minutes. 
00:05:20 Paul Ross 
3 minutes using some suggestion words that I call implied relationship words. Let me back up because I feel the need to clarify. 
00:05:29 Paul Ross 
I'm a hypnotist. I've been doing hypnosis for 30 years. I can tell you that while we want to believe that we decide for rational reasons. 
00:05:39 Paul Ross 
80% of the way we decide is based on our feelings on our feelings about the other person and that is because of unconscious influence. 
00:05:46 Paul Ross 
So if your sales process is working for you, great. I'm not asking you to abandon it, I'm simply saying take the power of unconscious suggestion. The power to influence people on the subconscious level. 
00:05:59 Paul Ross 
And sprinkle that in and you'll see a massive change in your results. Does that make sense? 
00:06:05 JD 
Yeah, could you. Could you give us like some examples on how that would work? 
00:06:08 Paul Ross 
Yes, let me give let me give you the words. The words are. These are a few of them we explore together. 
00:06:18 Paul Ross 
Invite and share. Let me string those together. So I would say something like before we explore. 
00:06:28 Paul Ross 
This opportunity together I just want to invite you to please share the questions that naturally arise when a great decision is being made. 
00:06:37 Paul Ross 
Instead of saying, as you know, as I'm presenting this to you, please ask any questions you might have when I present something to someone. 
00:06:49 Paul Ross 
That's something I'm doing to them, not with them. But when I say we. 
00:06:54 Paul Ross 
It sounds like a simple thing. 
00:06:55 Paul Ross 
Thing and it is, but it's powerful. Simplicity can be powerful. When I say we that implies a shared activity. Before we explore explores a powerful word because an exploration implies a. 
00:07:12 Paul Ross 
Leader and for every leader there must be a. 
00:07:15 JD 
00:07:17 Paul Ross 
Exactly, so you're implying. 
00:07:20 Paul Ross 
That there's a follower. See here's a rule of unconscious influence. 
00:07:26 Paul Ross 
Well, the first rule is you're never selling an investment or real estate or any product or service. You're always selling decisions and good feelings about decisions. That's a mic drop mic, drop #2, whatever you get your. 
00:07:41 Paul Ross 
00:07:43 Paul Ross 
To imagine for themselves will be perceived by them as being their own thought, and therefore they will not resist it, and the two best ways to do that are through implying things and through the power of suggestion. 
00:07:55 Paul Ross 
So when I say we, I'm implying without saying it, that we're in this together when I say explore. 
00:08:03 Paul Ross 
I'm implying without saying it that I am the follower and you are the leader. I would strike that I am the leader and you are the follower. Does that make sense before we explore this together? 
00:08:17 Paul Ross 
Togetherness again implies a relationship. I just want to invite you. 
00:08:23 Paul Ross 
What does it mean to invite? It means that I am extending something of value to you to share the questions, not ask the questions. Share your questions. What's the difference between saying. 
00:08:36 Paul Ross 
Ask and saying share implies that we're doing something together. JD, do we share things of value with people who we don't trust? 
00:08:47 JD 
00:08:48 Paul Ross 
No. So because we're implying it's a valuable activity and we're inviting them to share. That implies a relationship so. 
00:08:58 Paul Ross 
All those words put together along with the other techniques of report. I'm not saying drop them, but I'm saying nowadays. 
00:09:05 Paul Ross 
00:09:06 Paul Ross 
It if you're taking an hour to get report, it's it's like taking an hour to get a lady phone number and people just don't have the focus and the time they're distracted. Nowadays, look. 
00:09:21 Paul Ross 
You see this device. This device is your number one competition for doing anything that requires your prospects focus because they're distracted there. 
00:09:23 Paul Ross 
00:09:34 Paul Ross 
Over stimulated, they're numb to all the over stimulation. Nowadays we have Twitter Facebook, Instant messenger text. 
00:09:43 Paul Ross 
Text we what's the new one? A clubhouse simulative clubhouse. 
00:09:49 JD 
Yeah, I have heard of clubhouse. I haven't experimented with it yet, but. 
00:09:51 Paul Ross 
00:09:54 Paul Ross 
No me neither, but and then we have LinkedIn. If you're in the business world, LinkedIn, messaging, it's it's too much for people. 
00:10:01 Paul Ross 
You don't have an hour to get rapport with people. I'm very, very unconventional. I come from a different world. This is not in biography. I started out as a dating coach and I created that. 
00:10:14 Paul Ross 
The whole dating coach, industry and I learned early on that. 
00:10:19 Paul Ross 
If you're dealing with someone who's got lots of options, you don't have an hour to make an impression or to get report, you have to do it pretty quickly. Alright, you need to get get down, get out, good girl, sorry about that. 
00:10:32 JD 
No, that's OK. So it gave me a second to like digest. Some of what you're saying because I I you're talking about. 
00:10:41 JD 
There was a ton of mic drops in there that I really want everybody to focus on, I mean. 
00:10:47 JD 
You know, in real estate investing we have particular problems that I think you're addressing straight off. One of those is that we have a lot of people who call us and they just want our number. They just want how much we're going to pay for a property or. 
00:11:07 JD 
Or how much you know some. Some real estate investors are also Realtors, so how much? How much can you list my property for? 
00:11:16 JD 
But we need to like derail them a little bit and try to understand the problem and what we're trying to solve and trying to get them engaged a little bit more than just giving the number, because as soon as you give them, give them number they're on to the next person. 
00:11:34 Paul Ross 
So, so my answer is something like that is when they ask for the number is to say well before we before we explore. 
00:11:44 Paul Ross 
That before we explore this opportunity together and we work through what that number might mean, I first need to know some information about you so we can conclude this would make a good match. 
00:11:56 Paul Ross 
So thinking about it like that, let's explore just a little bit. I only have about two minutes and that way you put a. 
00:12:04 Paul Ross 
False time constraint. You're saying you're the one who has the time limitation. Do you understand? 
00:12:10 JD 
Oh sure, I've never heard anybody say to do that like that. 
00:12:15 JD 
That's especially that's good. You know there's a lot of. 
00:12:18 Paul Ross 
I took that from the dating again. I took it from the dating world. If I'm approaching a stranger, I want to say hey, start a conversation. 
00:12:27 Paul Ross 
Say I only have a couple minutes to talk. That way. They're not afraid that I'm going to monopolize your time and sit there for an hour and bore them to tears or creep them out. So again, I started as a dating coach and. 
00:12:39 Paul Ross 
I if I can give a little back story, is that alright? 
00:12:42 JD 
Oh yeah, absolutely go ahead. 
00:12:43 Paul Ross 
Yeah so. 
00:12:44 Paul Ross 
So I started as a dating coach and I developed all this stuff and my students would come to me, write me emails and saying thank you. 
00:12:52 Paul Ross 
I met the love of my life or they'd send pictures of their kids and then they'd say I've been using this for sales. I've tripled my income I thought, oh dumb axe. 
00:13:04 Paul Ross 
Why don't you go back and look to see how you can map it over into sales now I did some selling when I was a kid. 
00:13:09 Paul Ross 
Instinctively nine years old, I tell the story in my book how when I was nine years old, I was selling candy bars and instinctively. 
00:13:16 Paul Ross 
They use some of the stuff I later teach, but that's my background because I come from outside the field. 
00:13:23 Paul Ross 
I can see where the field is myopic where the field is nearsighted. What I teach is not stuff you can get from off the shelf. This is not this is my mother taught me to think. 
00:13:35 Paul Ross 
Outside the box to color outside the lines, she later smacked me around 'cause I colored on the walls. 
00:13:44 Paul Ross 
But I I'm contrarian and I don't think conventionally, so if you're willing, what I'll say to the people in the audience is this. 
00:13:48 Paul Ross 
00:13:53 Paul Ross 
If some of my ideas appear shocking or counter intuitive, I want to challenge you because it's the very ways of thinking and acting and behaving. 
00:14:03 Paul Ross 
That stands so far outside of what you're used to doing that bear the possibility of bringing you results little so far outside of what you're used to enjoying so far beyond that. 
00:14:16 Paul Ross 
Does that make sense? 
00:14:17 JD 
Yeah, it does make sense. 
00:14:19 JD 
Could we back up just a little bit? You know you talking about how it's important to get people to that point of a decision and then them being OK with their decision. 
00:14:21 Paul Ross 
00:14:31 Paul Ross 
Feel good about the decisions. 
00:14:31 JD 
How do you get feel good about that decision? How do you get them? Well, first of all, how do you get them to that point? 
00:14:40 Paul Ross 
00:14:40 Paul Ross 
Well, that's the point that requires a lot of steps and steps in immediately, but you can get it. There's a clever little piece of language that I used in that initial introduction. 
00:14:51 Paul Ross 
We're going to go through it. I'm going to give you a bonus is OK to give a bonus to your audience that I normally would not give. This is normal this. 
00:14:57 JD 
Well hey everybody, get your pens out. 
00:15:01 Paul Ross 
Haha no listen to this over and over to let me unpack it. I could say to you, you know before we explore this opportunity today and really work through what number would allow us to create a good decision. 
00:15:14 Paul Ross 
Today I just want to invite you to share the questions that naturally arise when a great decision being made. 
00:15:21 Paul Ross 
Now notice did I say a great decision to do this deal. 
00:15:25 JD 
00:15:27 JD 
No, you said great vision. 
00:15:27 Paul Ross 
I said a great decision is being made. I left it deliberately vague because when you're artfully vague when you're deliberately vague, the unconscious mind to the other person will fill in the blank and the unconscious mind inside of the context. If you have any rapport and already. 
00:15:47 Paul Ross 
Making those implied relationship words is going to can. 
00:15:51 Paul Ross 
Clude yes, I'm going to make a good decision now. Here's the $1,000,000 secret inside of that. When I say a great decisions being made, if they're in front of me, obviously you can't do in a foam, but they're if they're in front of me. 
00:16:04 Paul Ross 
I do this a great decisions being made. I do a tiny little head nod that becomes an anchor. 
00:16:11 Paul Ross 
For them to fire off that whole chain of suggestions anytime they start to disagree with me. 
00:16:16 Paul Ross 
Just do that and their unconscious mind says a great decision being made so it wipes out the objection. This sounds crazy. 
00:16:25 Paul Ross 
I know it sounds I have a lot of free stuff. Just grab my free stuff, try the free stuff and look at the results you get. This is why I don't. I have to give out a lot of free stuff. 
00:16:36 Paul Ross 
'cause what I'm teaching is so whacked out until people see their own results. They're not gonna believe every word I say. 
00:16:44 JD 
That's really interesting, though, and I I can understand how that would. 
00:16:48 JD 
That would work. I mean you, you're essentially creating a physical gesture and tying it to. 
00:16:57 JD 
Pieces of this great decision that they're making so it anchors them back through to that point in the conversation. 
00:17:01 Paul Ross 
And I'm right. 
00:17:04 Paul Ross 
Exactly, it's an anchor. It's an anchor. Now. Once you set up that anchor, you can fire it off anytime. So if they start to disagree with you, you just go well. I see your point. 
00:17:16 Paul Ross 
And I'm wondering if you could stop and find yourself looking at it another way. Now let me just point out there I used a trance phrase. 
00:17:24 Paul Ross 
The trance phrase was find yourself. JD, let me ask you about your own personal experience. Did you ever just find yourself reaching for the refrigerator door and you don't even remember what it is? 
00:17:36 Paul Ross 
You were looking for in the refrigerator. 
00:17:38 JD 
Oh absolutely, I've got to be that age. I walk into other rooms and I. 
00:17:39 Paul Ross 
You ever find it? 
00:17:42 JD 
Can't remember why I walked it. 
00:17:44 Paul Ross 
Ah well, you need to date someone really young like me. You ever find it? Too much information you ever find yourself falling in love? 
00:17:46 Paul Ross 
00:17:55 JD 
I did 25 years ago. 
00:17:57 Paul Ross 
Do you ever find yourself falling out of love and thinking? What the hell was I thinking? 
00:18:03 JD 
Yeah, well, it's a long time ago. 
00:18:06 Paul Ross 
You ever find yourself driving along the highway and suddenly you recognize? Wait a minute. 
00:18:10 Paul Ross 
00:18:11 Paul Ross 
Uh, it's I'm 10 mile. I just went 10 miles and don't remember any of it. 
00:18:15 JD 
Oh yeah, that that happens all the time. 
00:18:18 Paul Ross 
So these are all hypnotic phenomena that happen. Anyway, here's the key understanding about hypnosis. Hypnosis doesn't make you do anything that you don't already do naturalistically. 
00:18:29 Paul Ross 
All the things are already in there that. 
00:18:33 Paul Ross 
Those phenomena, those actions of doing things without consciously participating in them happen anyway. All that suggestion does, or hypnosis or whatever you want to call it. 
00:18:44 Paul Ross 
All it does is take those processes in the brain and trigger them at your command. So when I say something like find yourself, I don't know. 
00:18:53 Paul Ross 
All the ways you might, you might stop. 
00:18:57 Paul Ross 
And find yourself seeing it in a different way. 
00:19:01 Paul Ross 
Find yourself what does it mean to find yourself, it means you're going to do something on the unconscious level. 
00:19:07 Paul Ross 
There's no need to consciously participate, and it's not possible to resist, so I don't. So let's say the person on the other side of the investment deal is being a little bit balking and being difficult. You can say I understand, and I don't know. 
00:19:22 Paul Ross 
All the ways you might stop. 
00:19:25 Paul Ross 
Stop is another hypnotic word because literally the commands him to stop, stop and find yourself thinking about this a different way. Now, did I say what the different way is? 
00:19:38 Paul Ross 
No, so once again it puts their mind on blank. This is what I call a pattern interrupt. We interrupt people pattern when people say, you know I really am not sure. 
00:19:50 Paul Ross 
I think that's a bad idea. They're expecting you to either argue or give up, or to give them reasons why it's a good idea. 
00:19:58 Paul Ross 
They're not expecting you to interrupt their pattern. 
00:20:01 Paul Ross 
That way and hypnotically suggest that they see it in a different way. Once you've suggested that they see it in a different way and they accept that suggestion, then can give them the specifics. 
00:20:13 Paul Ross 
You know? 
00:20:15 Paul Ross 
I'm going to do a $1,000,000 mic drop again. Here we go. Here's the mic. Here's the drop and here's the. 
00:20:19 JD 
OK, make note of it buddy. 
00:20:22 Paul Ross 
Here's the information. Here's the information. 
00:20:27 Paul Ross 
Wait again. 
00:20:30 Paul Ross 
When you can be vague, it's very powerful, and when you can be specific at the right time, it's very powerful. 
00:20:38 Paul Ross 
Before you give the facts, figures, numbers, data, create that space in your prospect's mind where they want to believe you. 
00:20:47 Paul Ross 
And the way you do that is with a pattern interrupt people or pattern making machines when you interrupt their expected pattern of response. They don't know what to do. You create a window suggestibility. 
It's hard. 
00:21:02 Paul Ross 
And again, if I can tell a story. 
00:21:05 Paul Ross 
I learned this is a dating coach. I had a client who wanted me to take him to a restaurant and teach him how to meet women, and I said no. 
00:21:15 Paul Ross 
I don't do that, it's too much work. He offered me 10 grand in Cash, 10 grand in cash. I said OK, bring the cash and he brought it literally. Dumped it. 
00:21:25 Paul Ross 
On the floor, I counted it in my mind just by looking at that. OK, I'll take you out now. 
00:21:31 Paul Ross 
This guy struck out so badly. Have you ever had the experience of watching someone humiliate themselves and you feel embarrassed for them? 
00:21:39 Paul Ross 
00:21:39 Paul Ross 
00:21:40 Paul Ross 
00:21:41 JD 
00:21:41 Paul Ross 
That's how I felt he. He crashed and burned. Finally I took him out of there. Now there is a point to this story. 
00:21:47 Paul Ross 
Follow along, it's a powerful lesson to all of you who want to make a lot more money doing real estate investing or any kind of sales. 
00:21:55 Paul Ross 
I took him out of there. We were waiting for our cab and I saw a lady across the driveway. 
00:22:00 Paul Ross 
I said look, there's a lovely lady waiting for her cap for some reason JD it went in the wrong way. 
00:22:06 Paul Ross 
She got so angry she started to swear at me in ways that make a sailor turn. Green told me to do things with my anatomy that were not physically possible. 
00:22:15 Paul Ross 
Et cetera, et cetera. 
00:22:17 Paul Ross 
And he got very mad. My student went to charge at her. I put my arm out. I said no look at her. 
00:22:22 Paul Ross 
She's someone's daughter. She's someone's sister. She's someone best friends somewhere. She's deeply loved. 
00:22:31 Paul Ross 
Now there was a moment of confusion and then she burst into tears and ran across and threw her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek and said I've never had anyone say so much such loving words to me and she just sobbed and sobbed and said I love you. You're such a wonderful man, but I'm so sorry it's not about. 
00:22:51 Paul Ross 
You guys are saying the worst things. 
00:22:53 Paul Ross 
Me what's your name? I said, Mr. Wonderful, here's our cabin off we went but what's the point of that story? 
00:23:00 Paul Ross 
She was expecting me to either yell at her to attack her back right to apologize to her, or to walk away by not doing any of those three things by doing something completely unexpected. 
00:23:14 Paul Ross 
I took her from rage from like wanting to throttle me, rage to love in the space of. 
00:23:23 Paul Ross 
15 words and one minute. 
00:23:27 Paul Ross 
So that's the power of the pattern interrupts. So when we pattern interrupt by doing the unexpected by being vague with our language using trance words and the power of suggestion, then we can get people the facts, data and figures about the deal. The cash flow numbers, the depreciation, et cetera, et cetera. I'm not an expert in real estate investing. 
00:23:48 Paul Ross 
But I know some of the basics, but when you know how to be vague. 
00:23:52 Paul Ross 
Week and when. To be specific, there's a time in a deal to be vague and there's a time to be specific. 
00:23:59 Paul Ross 
Knowing when to do which is a super advanced skill. I can't teach that to everyone 'cause you have to be super bright to get that one, but. 
00:24:08 Paul Ross 
Knowing how to do that will put so much money in your pocket and turn this whole process into magic. You'll love doing it 'cause you'll be able to predict the milestones. 
00:24:20 JD 
No, so I I got. You're just opening a Pandora's box of questions. 
00:24:26 Paul Ross 
I told you you want to go more than half an hour. I'm open and I love this. Just keep going. 
00:24:31 JD 
And so before we do, though, I'm going to put people on the hook again. Make sure you head over to Speaker Paul Take advantage of Paul's free offer there, I mean. 
00:24:42 Paul Ross 
That's actually at 
00:24:45 JD 
Paul Ross book oh OK. 
00:24:47 Paul Ross 
Go to speaker at, but if you're interested in booking a concert with me, go to Speaker Paul Ross forward Slash. 
00:24:48 JD 
Then call restriction. 
00:24:56 Paul Ross 
Apply and I work with people who are already super successful. So if you're a star and want to be a superstar, or if you're a superstar who just wants to get the edge on yourself, apply to consult with me. 
00:24:57 Paul Ross 
00:25:10 Paul Ross 
I go over every application, but I don't take everybody 'cause I get to be picky with who I work with. 
00:25:16 JD 
Sure, well, no. That's understandable and no and, and I mean, if anything, make sure you head over to. 
00:25:18 Paul Ross 
Sorry about that, go ahead. 
00:25:24 JD 
Well, you can go to Amazon and I'll make sure to include some of these links in the show notes and grab your book because I mean, we're basically just. 
00:25:33 JD 
Tip of the iceberg here today regarding some of the some of the information, and again, it's called subtle words that sell. 
00:25:42 Paul Ross 
And look how handsome I am. This is what you can do with a good photographer and a lot of airbrushing. 
00:25:50 JD 
So you know what you're seeing. There is really interesting, and I actually I'm going to share a little story or a little scenario with you, but. 
00:25:59 JD 
'cause what you're seeing is actually pinned out and panned out true in one in a couple situations for me and I might I. 
00:26:09 JD 
I likely picked this up with some other sales training that I've been through. You know you kind of grab ahold of kind of what works for you. 
00:26:18 JD 
But first of all, one of the things that is that we are always trying to position. 
00:26:26 JD 
Some of those words and phrases that you're teaching us here tonight. 
00:26:30 JD 
Is ideal because what we're trying to do is we're usually buying properties at a discount. You know we're kind of a reverse sales if you will, and they usually don't like the price that we give, you know, because we're never going to be the highest and best option. 
00:26:48 JD 
But I'm usually trying to get it's it's me and them versus the market. It's the market that's dictating the price. 
00:26:56 JD 
You know we're trying, I'm trying to be a team, so some of that phrasing that you're teaching would be ideal for that type of scenario. 
00:27:06 Paul Ross 
Yeah, I would say something like listen. I understand exactly what you're saying and I don't know all the ways you might stop and find yourself recognized. 
00:27:16 Paul Ross 
And really, it's about you and I against the market. It's not me setting what the investment will be, it's what the market. 
00:27:25 Paul Ross 
Oberen what the market shows based on the cash flow that the property really is worth. 
00:27:31 JD 
Yep, and then the other thing that I definitely have discovered is that when you say there is time to get specific. 
00:27:40 JD 
When I do give numbers, I'm very vague and in fact, I usually give ranges that seem to work for me. You know, I give price ranges and then. 
00:27:46 Paul Ross 
That's fine. 
00:27:49 Paul Ross 
You should give ranges. 
00:27:50 JD 
And then when I when I'm there and I'm talking to them and give the with the first volley is a number. 
00:27:58 Paul Ross 
Excuse me, I'm sorry. 
00:27:58 JD 
Our first volley is it finally our number and then they you know we usually have that situation where they're not very happy with it, but we try to talk through it. 
00:28:10 JD 
I usually end up at a very specific number. You know where real estate is usually, let's say 99. 
00:28:16 Paul Ross 
00:28:18 JD 
$2900 you usually see prices like that in real estate. 
00:28:23 JD 
When I'm talking to a seller directly, I will at times will throw out. 
00:28:29 JD 
$97,912.00 you know, like, uh, uh, really? 
00:28:34 Paul Ross 
It's a great pattern interrupt. It's a pattern interrupt. 
00:28:35 JD 
It's a really. 
00:28:35 JD 
A really. 
00:28:37 JD 
It's a real detailed number and I would make the argument that I get those type of numbers accepted higher. 
00:28:44 JD 
Then there. 
00:28:44 Paul Ross 
It's a great pattern are up. I was talking to my brother the other night and he said he needed a vet to come to the house. 
00:28:51 Paul Ross 
A mobile veterinarian for his dog and he said, what is the off of the visit fee and they said $80.40 and he was talking me. So what's the $0.40 for it like it's? 
00:29:04 Paul Ross 
Crazy, but. 
00:29:06 Paul Ross 
It's a pattern interrupt. The reason it works JD is it's unlike anything they've heard before. It's a pattern interrupt. Do we understand the power of the pattern interrupt? 
00:29:16 JD 
Yeah, it that's definitely something that I'm going to employ myself. I mean, that's something to definitely incorporate. 
00:29:23 Paul Ross 
It's fun. 
00:29:25 JD 
Yeah, and what I think and I'm going to say I'll be the first one to be the victim of it is when I do get a real estate. 
00:29:26 Paul Ross 
It's tons of fun. 
00:29:34 JD 
Somebody who is who's downright angry. Like the scenario that you said you know they don't like our number, you're trying to rob me. Kind of a situation. 
00:29:45 JD 
Uhm, doing a pattern interrupt would be better than what I do today, which would be something more times than not. Just let the deal die. Let the opportunity. 
00:29:54 Paul Ross 
Oh, someone says. 
00:29:56 Paul Ross 
You're trying to rob me. I would use what I call agreement frames. I would say I agree. It's important that we both find a way. 
00:30:06 Paul Ross 
To feel happy about this deal and I don't expect that to happen any faster than we can both take a breath step back and recognize there's a way where we can make this work. 
00:30:19 Paul Ross 
So as that's happening, let's take a reset for a minute and look at a number that we both can be really happy with. Is that fair? 
00:30:27 Paul Ross 
Now, did I say anything specific there? 
00:30:29 JD 
No, again, you're pretty big. 
00:30:31 Paul Ross 
00:30:32 Paul Ross 
It's vague, and so the unconscious mind will find a way to do that, and then what you do is to go. 
00:30:41 Paul Ross 
And because you're in rapport with them, they'll copy that behavior. You don't say, just take a breath and let it out. 
00:30:46 Paul Ross 
You demonstrate the behavior you want them to do, and now you've created a blank slate and you can go back. 
00:30:52 Paul Ross 
And so you fudge the number a little bit and get close, you're a good negotiator. You know you never throw out the number that you're ultimately going to settle on. 
00:31:00 Paul Ross 
You know that. 
00:31:01 JD 
You're right. 
00:31:02 Paul Ross 
And oftentimes they're pop. 
00:31:04 Paul Ross 
String, they're posturing that their cash flow number is, so they're desperate to unload the property because they have financial problems elsewhere and they have to unload the property. 
00:31:16 JD 
So you know so, so some of this stuff is happening, and I guess I didn't even you know now that you call it a disrupt it's there's another point pattern interrupt. I do that again in some cases where I do have a deal just like. 
00:31:16 Paul Ross 
They're not gonna tell you that. 
00:31:27 Paul Ross 
I don't interrupt. 
00:31:34 JD 
Is done like it, I'm there and it's just not going to happen. And at the end of it, just before I'm walking out the door, I'll say, well, you know. 
00:31:44 JD 
I was really appreciative that the time you gave me today and sorry it didn't come together. But you know, just between you and me now that it's over. How close did I get? 
00:31:58 JD 
And then it usually starts the conversation again. 
00:32:02 Paul Ross 
Good to its class takeaway. Tearing up the contract. 
00:32:06 JD 
00:32:07 JD 
So it's been it's, but it's that pattern interrupt again and you know really when you. When I think about it. 
00:32:14 Paul Ross 
I have a whole, you know this is part of my rapid sales accelerator free training. We have a whole report on how to use pattern erupts but I teach this to real estate salespeople as well. 
00:32:27 Paul Ross 
Like whenever someone says, I'm sure you get this in your business too. If you ever hear this objection, I need more time to think it over. 
00:32:35 JD 
At all the time, all the time. 
00:32:38 Paul Ross 
Would you like to cut? Here's another mic. Drop ready 123 mic drops. Say it with me. Those people at home. 
00:32:41 JD 
00:32:45 Paul Ross 
00:32:46 Paul Ross 
Here's a great response. It's what I call a counterexample, so roleplay just say I need more time to think it over. 
00:32:54 JD 
I need more time to think it over. 
00:32:56 Paul Ross 
Hey, I understand JD is it OK? May I ask you a question? Have you ever had the experience of taking a long time to think something over and it still turned out to be a bad decision? 
00:33:08 Paul Ross 
00:33:08 Paul Ross 
Maybe it's not about time, but about the clarity you need to recognize. 
00:33:13 Paul Ross 
A great decision can be made to move forward, so thinking about like that, what constraints do we really need to get out in the table so we can make sure you can move forward today? 
00:33:25 Paul Ross 
So now we totally taken that objection and we wiped it off the map by using a counterexample. How about this one, I? You know, I have a few more people who I want to talk to. 
00:33:35 Paul Ross 
00:33:36 JD 
Oh yeah, I got one a lot, yeah? 
00:33:36 Paul Ross 
That's a good blow-up. You get all right. How would you like me to increase your revenue by 50% today by wiping that one out? Would you have me on the show again if I did that? 
00:33:44 JD 
Yeah, how do you do that? 
00:33:47 JD 
You're the way this is going. You're welcome back anytime. 
00:33:52 Paul Ross 
Ah, I told did I tell you before we started today? I would give you one of the best interviews ever. 
00:33:52 Paul Ross 
00:33:57 JD 
Yes, you did. 
00:33:59 Paul Ross 
Am I living up to the brag? 
00:33:59 JD 
But now I think you hypnotized me. 
00:34:02 Paul Ross 
No am I living up to the brag or living up to the Braggs? OK, and again, I learned all these patterns are UPS in teaching my course. 
00:34:10 Paul Ross 
My dating courses, you know when, uh, I can't get. I don't want to offend anybody, so we'll just stick to this so I need to talk to a few more people. I'd say hey, I understand but. 
00:34:22 Paul Ross 
Can I ask you? 
00:34:24 Paul Ross 
Have you ever had the experience that the more options you were presented with the harder it be? 
00:34:29 Paul Ross 
00:34:30 Paul Ross 
To make a good decision because it was just all too overwhelming and confusing. Maybe it's not about talking to more people, but about getting the clarity you need to recognize. 
00:34:43 Paul Ross 
You really want to move forward today, so thinking about it like that, why don't we make clear what it is you need to know so you can. 
00:34:51 Paul Ross 
Recognize this is the choice you want to make, and then when you say this is the choice you wanna make you, do that and now you've linked it to yourself. 
00:35:00 Paul Ross 
You see that so once again, we're taking a counterexample. They're saying they want to talk to more people. 
00:35:06 Paul Ross 
The implication is so they can make the right decision. Correct? Now you're going with the counterexample going if you talk to more people, it guarantees you won't make a good decision. 
00:35:09 Paul Ross 
00:35:18 Paul Ross 
Does this make sense? 
00:35:19 JD 
Yeah, yeah. 
00:35:21 Paul Ross 
I'm gonna give you one more freebie and this is just this is like 10% of what's in the rapid sales accelerator training. 
00:35:28 Paul Ross 
You can pick it up for free at No, I was going to use a vulgar word no, no spit OK. 
00:35:39 Paul Ross 
I was going to give you one more. What was the? 
00:35:41 Paul Ross 
One where I was going to give you, oh, I teach this to Realtors. 
00:35:45 Paul Ross 
Well, I really don't want to pay that higher Commission. Can you come down on your Commission a little bit? 
00:35:51 Paul Ross 
And so I teach my clients to say something on the lines of well, Mr. Smith, with the right agent. You're not paying a Commission, you're investing in. 
00:36:00 Paul Ross 
Skills, maybe you'll get lucky with the bargain basement option, but do you really want to gamble with the most important asset of your life, your home? 
00:36:11 Paul Ross 
Do you see how we reframe the entire meaning of the objection? Essentially, we create objection amnesia. 
00:36:19 JD 
00:36:20 JD 
No, there was so much information packed into this. 
00:36:28 JD 
That I'm going to even go as far to say I'm going to say some pretty controversial right now. 
00:36:34 JD 
People would be absolutely crazy not to take up take you up on that free offer to go and check out. 
00:36:41 JD 
00:36:41 Paul Ross 
Or it's my rapid sales accelerated training and also if you're doing at least. 
00:36:47 Paul Ross 
00:36:49 Paul Ross 
500,000 to 750,000 a year. Then apply to consult with. Apply for a console with me. 
00:36:57 Paul Ross 
That's Speaker Paul Ross forward Slash apply again. I only work with high Achievers who are looking to become super stars or superstars who want to get cutting-edge technology. 
00:37:08 Paul Ross 
Jay, what you would call early adapters, but these are people who want to race against themselves and do even better than themselves and crush their competition here. 
00:37:18 Paul Ross 
Their competitions, bones breaking 'cause that's you know. Those are the high achievers. So those are the only people I work with in terms of 1 on one. I'll train, I'll train in. 
00:37:30 Paul Ross 
Groups and I have plenty of recorded courses. 
00:37:33 Paul Ross 
And stuff like that. So if you're in that High Peak performance category or this close to getting there, go to speaker Paul Ross forward-slash apply. 
00:37:42 Paul Ross 
I'll look over your application. I look over each one personally, but you have to open a big checkbook. I am the highest-paid and most expensive coach. 
00:37:53 Paul Ross 
You can't wait to hire. 
00:37:55 JD 
Well, I really appreciate your time here tonight. This has been eye opening to say the least and I will definitely make sure to include all of the links in the show notes. And like I said, you're always welcome back on this show. 
00:38:07 Paul Ross 
Thank you. 
00:38:12 Paul Ross 
I want, uh, I'll take you up on that and be on here at least once a month. And I and I. 
00:38:17 Paul Ross 
Also, I want to express thank you for giving me the perfect end to my working day. I love speaking and teaching. 
00:38:24 Paul Ross 
I can come off maybe a little bit arrogant. I don't know. I think it's just confidence, but really, there's nothing I love better than teaching. I told my girlfriend I love you, honey, but I love teaching is my first love. 
00:38:37 Paul Ross 
And she sort of shook her head and said, OK, yeah, she gets it, she supports me in what I do. So that's why I love her. Sorry ladies I'm taken. 
00:38:47 JD 
00:38:50 JD 
Well, I appreciate it again, and thank you for being on. 
00:38:54 Paul Ross 
Thank you bye, everybody.