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Properly Market Your Business in the Digital Age with Krista Mashore #238
May 30, 2021
Krista Mashore is a digital marketing coach specializing in Real Estate and the author of four best-selling books that teach YOU how to properly market your business in this digital age. As a former teacher, with a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Krista loves serving people – and gets fulfillment by sharing the secrets of her success with professionals and businesses. Having taken her new business from zero to 7.4 million dollars in just 25 short months, using online digital strategies, there is a lot to learn from Krista.
Krista Mashore is a digital marketing coach specializing in Real Estate and the author of four best-selling books that teach YOU how to properly market your business in this digital age. As a former teacher, with a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Krista loves serving people – and gets fulfillment by sharing the secrets of her success with professionals and businesses. Having taken her new business from zero to 7.4 million dollars in just 25 short months, using online digital strategies, there is a lot to learn from Krista.

Krista joins us today to discuss how you can become a local star, by building your digital image and strategy. In the times we live in, this is the only way forward!

Krista has her own successful podcast called “F.I.R.E.D UP with Krista Mashore”. Through her coaching, summits, courses, and best-selling books, Krista is changing the way professionals and businesses market themselves in the digital space. Krista's work has already been featured in Yahoo Finance, WSJ, Authority Magazine among other publications.

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"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - JD


00:00:01 JD Hoss 
We have Krista Mashore on and Chris is going to help us with something that I think we all need a little help with and that is our online digital presence and squeezing every penny out of that marketing dollar Krista. I really appreciate you being on the show and before we started I warned you. 
00:00:20 JD 
We're going to make sure everybody has your contact information right up front, so how would they best find you? 
00:00:28 Krista Mashore 
Yeah, so you. 
00:00:29 Krista 
Can just if you go to I do a free a five-day coaching challenge. It's here's 
00:00:37 Krista 
It's conversion. We teach you how to do really ninja marketing tactics to give you exposure to get those great investment deals. 
00:00:48 JD 
Yeah, and make sure you subscribe to her podcast because she has one called fired up. 
00:00:54 JD 
Then I know there's a lot of great content, especially regarding this. So again, I really appreciate your time. 
00:01:02 JD 
And this is something that I think a lot of people, especially people who are getting into real estate investing for the first time. They really struggle with like I mentioned to you before we hit record. 
00:01:13 JD 
That every real estate investor is trying to wring every penny they can out of their marketing dollar. But what you're suggesting is that they could literally become even. Maybe a local celebrity. 
00:01:29 Krista 
Absolutely, absolutely, and Jack. Thank you so much for having me on here. I really appreciate it. I love what you're doing, so thanks for including me on this. 
00:01:35 Krista 
It means a lot, yeah, so I teach people how to utilize content and to properly distribute it locally so that they can find those deals right. We teach people how to become literally the local go-to expert. 
00:01:49 Krista 
In their profession or field and I call it being the Community market leader so anything real estate related or community-related. 
00:01:57 Krista 
They start being the go-to person and creating content around it and properly distributing it so it gets massive amounts of eyes on there so that they can become well known and trusted. 
00:02:06 JD 
Sure, well, a lot of people you know when the first thought when it comes to anything like this is, you know, Facebook. 
00:02:12 JD 
For example, like what other things should people keep in mind, like how did they start? That's probably the best question I could ask. 
00:02:21 Krista 
So and honestly to provide might think oh, this sounds a little too complicated and I'll tell you, it's really not right. 
00:02:26 Krista 
So you want to start creating content and getting it out there so it can be seen and you can have a lot of exposure. So for example if you were to spend $200 on the video ad. 
00:02:37 Krista 
You can get 304 hundred 506 hundred hours of watch time on that one video from a $200 absent right? 
00:02:44 Krista 
UM, this one strategy that I used last year we did. We had 48 listings just from this strategy and we generated over $740,000 in commissions from those 48 listings from utilizing this. 
00:02:57 Krista 
Video strategy, So what happens is most people will create content or they'll create a landing page and they'll say you're thinking about selling your house. 
00:03:05 Krista 
You know, you know you don't want to put on the market or whatever else you click here, but instead what people need to do is they need to develop a relationship with their audience. And So what? I teach people how to do is to create con. 
00:03:14 Krista 
Chat, let's say maybe it is regarding investing or finding flips or whatever it might be right? Finding the prototype house. 
00:03:21 Krista 
If somebody is watching a whole video on that and you can tell they've watched say 75% or more, it's probably they're probably thinking about putting their house on the market and they don't want to have to hassle, right? So maybe they're interested in I buyer or quick cash clothes or whatever it might be. 
00:03:36 Krista 
Maybe they're afraid of the coronavirus and they don't want to be exposed. Whatever that reasoning is, if you can create content and people are watching it, and then you continue to put more Khan. 
00:03:44 Krista 
Intent in front of those exact same people. Then later on you talked to them about maybe doing a consultation about, you know purchasing their home. 
00:03:51 Krista 
It's a totally different story. It's and it converts much more quickly than just sending them straight to the landing page where it says, hey, do you want a consultation? 
00:03:58 Krista 
Does that make sense? And so that's what I teach people how to do and also to develop a relationship with their communities. 
00:04:04 Krista 
That that people feel more comfortable, you know, reaching out to you and they're much more likely to convert because they've made a connection, they've developed trust and position you as the authority so the whole process just becomes so much easier. It's an attraction-based model instead of a instead of a, you know, chasing based model. 
00:04:20 JD 
00:04:20 Krista 
00:04:21 JD 
So you're talking about video, and that's typically scares a lot of people like what kind of I've run into people who think that they need to have high end equipment and get the every bell and whistle. And it has to be perfect. What would they need to just get started? 
00:04:39 Krista 
Well, look at us right now. We're just on zoom right? We don't have anything fancy. There's no words popping up. 
00:04:43 Krista 
On the screen, all you need is a cell phone. Every single person has a cell phone. You see that I haven't have a cell phone and hit record start. 
00:04:51 Krista 
Make sure there's no dirty underwear in the background or no. You know planes driving by or horns going off. 
00:04:56 Krista 
You know, train horns going off and just start hit record right and no one. Let's be clear Jack weird people. 
00:05:03 Krista 
Like to do videos. If you're one of those people that like to do video, you're weird, right? Most people do not like to do video. 
00:05:08 Krista 
They're petrified of what they're gonna look like or sound like or how they're afraid. Their nose looks big or they're going to say the wrong thing or they're gonna look stupid or someone not going to like them. Everyone feels that way, but anything can be can be can be learned. 
00:05:21 Krista 
And there's something called the parasocial relationship, and what that is is since our brains have been programmed to see somebody on the other side of a screen like the video or the TV or the phone and start to think of them as somebody important, they start to literally develop a 1 sided relationship with them. It's just like you do on TV, and when that happens the conversion process and the reaching out. 
00:05:42 Krista 
Process and the attraction process just happens so much more naturally and seamlessly and without the person that's creating videos they don't even know it's even happening. 
00:05:52 Krista 
Until all the sudden, they start hearing, I see you everywhere. 
00:05:52 JD 
00:05:55 JD 
Yeah, so you know outside of Facebook, do you recommend people posting and utilizing any other services? 
00:06:03 Krista 
Yeah, so I. 
00:06:04 Krista 
So people to do is it's it's very easy to get overwhelmed, right? So I tell people to master one platform. 
00:06:09 Krista 
I personally think Facebook is the absolute best. I've built several multimillion dollar businesses from this exact strategy using Facebook. 
00:06:16 Krista 
Alone, but start with that and you can also put it onto your website if you have one. If you put the video on there and the, uh, a transcription, you'll get SCO if you put the same video on YouTube, you'll get SCO because YouTube is owned by Google and so you start getting organic reach that way. 
00:06:32 Krista 
So since you're doing the video, I highly recommend doing that, but I wouldn't work. I wouldn't be so. 
00:06:36 Krista 
Concern right away of just doing it all because Jack of all trades master of none like pick your platform, learn how to run ads, spending a little bit of marketing dollars to make that marking bar go so much further right? 
00:06:47 Krista 
And then once you've got that master, and I mean mastered it, it takes a couple years sometimes to learn these patterns, 'cause they change so often in Russia. 
00:06:54 Krista 
Super ways, you've got tons of time on your hands and then go ahead and do more. But I'd say pick one and then move to the next. 
00:06:59 Krista 
But yes, that's called video re purposing. 
00:07:01 JD 
And we were purpose our videos everywhere. Sure yeah, you mentioned that that you. 
00:07:03 JD 
00:07:07 JD 
Broadcaster or place it on on every service you can, right? 
00:07:13 Krista 
Yeah, yeah we do. We do. And again it's only 'cause I have a team now. I've helped but I didn't do that originally. 
00:07:17 Krista 
At first, we just started with Facebook and then we put it on our website. And now we've kind of branched off and we were very successful without putting it everywhere. 
00:07:26 Krista 
But if you're taking the. 
00:07:27 Krista 
Time to do the content. 
00:07:28 Krista 
You might as well put it in multiple platforms, right? 
00:07:32 JD 
So have you talked to talk a little bit about like what kind of content have you typically seen? You know, I, I think there's a lot of analysis paralysis when people are trying to make this content as to what. 
00:07:45 JD 
What do I have to talk about? 
00:07:46 JD 
Like it needs. 
00:07:49 JD 
To be they feel like then it needs to be planned out or. 
00:07:52 JD 
Or something like what? What are some of those topics that you would recommend? 
00:07:56 Krista 
So what a great thing to do is like even just being going and having a hamburger or eating at a restaurant. 
00:08:02 Krista 
Just, you know, take it. Take a video of you like Oh my gosh, where this hammer it's so good. 
00:08:05 Krista 
I'm here at Chili's right now and they have a special you know, two margaritas for 20 bucks and you've got to come. 
00:08:10 Krista 
Try it and by the way, if you're thinking of selling and you don't want to list your house, you know call me. 
00:08:16 Krista 
We will work out something. We got a great deal, right or not even saying that, but you and it is there is a lot of paralysis around doing video content until you just keep doing it over and over again so you can talk about you can be a reporter. 
00:08:29 Krista 
What I mean? 
00:08:30 Krista 
By being a reporter is you could go read a book, good book or watch a great movie or or, you know take a coaching class or some kind of a class or and then you can just go out and talk about. 
00:08:39 Krista 
Oh my gosh. Today I just learned XY and Z and it was amazing, right? You can interview other local restaurants or local professionals or local businesses. You can just talk about different communities. 
00:08:51 Krista 
Or what's new or what's coming? 
00:08:53 Krista 
You can give tips and tricks regarding your profession right? It might be like, hey, if you are thinking about selling and you want to get the most out of your property 'cause investors you know if they give information about helping people sell but they're also investors and they're giving information about how you you can sell, you know you can sell without having to do it the traditional way. 
00:09:13 Krista 
They they're going to develop more trust, so I would also give tips and tricks on how to sell for top dollar and things like that. 
00:09:19 Krista 
And when you're doing that, people are gonna think you're helping them, but also what they're going to think is, like, oh man, I don't want to have to do all those things. 
00:09:25 Krista 
I don't want to have to put my clean my house and then people come through it. 
00:09:27 Krista 
And blah blah blah right? 
00:09:29 Krista 
And then you might even get some people that you can. You can get some traditional type sellers, which you then can give referrals out to other agents. And if you have a license, you can get paid a Commission doing that. 
00:09:38 JD 
00:09:40 JD 
So as a reminder, everybody I want them to have your contact information again, but definitely check out her podcast fired up with Krista Michelle. 
00:09:49 JD 
00:09:50 JD 
And what was your yeah? And you probably can find your website pretty easily just typing crystal mesh or in the in the Googles. 
00:09:51 Krista 
Yes, fired up Christy Major. 
00:09:59 Krista it'll show up. 
00:10:03 JD 
But I've seen more and more people having a lot of success with LinkedIn. Have you had any experience with that and is there a different strategy or tactic they should leverage on a professional network like that? 
00:10:19 Krista 
So we use LinkedIn to come in. It's just a matter of making sure that you post content and you get value. 
00:10:25 Krista 
UM, we're not renting any ads on LinkedIn and that you know there's different platforms and software that you can utilize to sort of target people. 
00:10:33 Krista 
Like I said, I mean it's. I mean I have a whole I have a company. I've got a team now and we can't master all the platforms right? It just it is a lot. 
00:10:40 Krista 
Of work, but I do think Lincoln can be very, very useful. I'm not sure for what your listeners are wanting it. 
00:10:47 Krista 
It's quite as good just because I think a lot of people that I think a lot of professional boulder beyond LinkedIn most likely would sell their home in the normal way. They wouldn't be as interested in probably. 
00:10:58 Krista 
You know, offering it for lower than networks, I'm not sure that would be the best area. I think YouTube would be better than Facebook and YouTube with their LinkedIn in my opinion for. 
00:11:07 Krista 
Your audience, but I could be wrong. 
00:11:08 JD 
No, yeah, that's a very good point. I think there's that's something that you you just pointed out that you have different audiences on these different networks. 
00:11:19 JD 
Do you find that you have to alter any of you? 
00:11:21 Krista 
And people are. 
00:11:23 JD 
I was going to say were you going. 
00:11:24 Krista 
So I. 
00:11:28 Krista 
00:11:29 JD 
No, go ahead. 
00:11:32 Krista 
No, I don't alter it, so I mean there are times I do content specifically for YouTube and YouTube is a little bit longer. 
00:11:39 Krista 
The videos a little bit longer, right, but a lot of it's kind of the same people are going to YouTube to compare and contrast and learn. People are on so they're specifically going there typing in, you know, hey, how to. 
00:11:52 Krista 
Sell my house without putting on the market or whatever it might be, but on Facebook you're kind of. You're kind of interrupting them, so the idea is to get them to stop this. 
00:11:54 Krista 
00:12:00 Krista 
Role and to click on you, but they're there so often and people are always on Facebook. The average person goes spends over 2 1/2 hours a day on social media, so you want to kind of like pattern interrupt kind of start like showing apps they keep seeing you over and over again. 
00:12:15 Krista 
I mean how many times have you seen something? And finally after 12 times you finally clicked on it? That's kind of the idea. 
00:12:21 Krista 
Of it, and if your content is interesting and if it's something that you know, especially if you're if they've already watched content previous and the content is similar to what they already watched, then you'll have a very good chance of putting information in front of that's very useful and valuable to them, so they'll end up watching it. 
00:12:37 JD 
Sure, so you say pattern interrupt? Is there any tips or strategies there to get their attention? Because typically when you're scrolling through it's more of a thumbnail, right? 
00:12:48 JD 
Like there's going to be some. 
00:12:49 Krista 
Yeah, do you have an email or it's a video one of the two writes a thumbnail or video because sometimes we have the videos that just will play. 
00:12:56 Krista 
You wanna you want to make sure it doesn't look like an ad right? The more it looks like an ad. 
00:13:02 Krista 
The less likely it is going to convert, so you want to make it look as less adish as possible, and that's one of the ways. 
00:13:08 Krista 
So you never want to have like a super stock looking photo that you could tell is just a stock photo, because simply stock photos aren't what they use for ads, right? So you want to there's different strategies. Sometimes we find that if you don't put. 
00:13:21 Krista 
Any words on an added convert? It converts better like the initial clickthrough rate is higher, but sometimes if and sometimes people will do a picture that has nothing to do with what it is they're trying to do. The problem with that is is that. 
00:13:34 Krista 
If somebody is clicking on the picture, there might be a high click through rate, but then the conversion rate isn't very high because the picture had nothing to do with what it is the person was thinking that they were going to the ad for or they didn't know what they were going to the ad for. So you gotta think about those kind of things too. 
00:13:47 JD 
Yeah no. We had an example here locally where we had a realtor who made comment that until he'd been posting quite a bit of content on Facebook then it wasn't until he took that. 
00:14:02 JD 
Pepper challenge. You know they were taking the Carolina Reaper. 
00:14:07 Krista 
Oh, really. 
00:14:08 JD 
He failed, he sat down in front of the camera and ate one of those Carolina Reapers and you know, basically lost it because I mean how hot it is. That's when he finally got his. 
00:14:20 JD 
Local celebrity status. You know, that's what got people's attention. I guess people like to see others in pain. 
00:14:25 Krista 
How hot is that face? 
00:14:28 Krista 
Yeah people love that yeah people love that it's true. Negative publicity does better than positive publicity. 
00:14:35 Krista 
For example, if you see a headline, man saves 10 babies like people aren't going to click, but it says 10 babies burn in building everyone reading. 
00:14:42 Krista 
You know it's just so sad, but that that is funny. Yeah, I can imagine that video doing well and see people like to be laugh, right? 
00:14:48 Krista 
For video, you want to be enthusiastic, you want to try to be entertaining. If you can or you just want to be engaging and educating, right? Like people like to learn and you do. 
00:14:57 Krista 
You have to be like I know some people think like, well, I'm not very, you know outgoing, I'm not. 
00:15:02 Krista 
I'm sort of, you know, I'm not really outgoing. Well, you don't have to be outgoing to be enthusiastic about your subject matter or to be engaging about your subject matter. 
00:15:11 JD 
00:15:12 JD 
So you were talking about like between YouTube and Facebook, the YouTube videos can be a little longer and maybe a little more educational. 
00:15:21 JD 
Uhm, is that something that you know a lot of? A lot of the marketing that we do is very persistent, consistent, you know it. 
00:15:31 JD 
It's something that we have to send out on a regular basis. Yellow letters, for example. We send out postcards all the time. There's a new campaign going out on a weekly basis. 
00:15:41 JD 
Do you find that there's like some sort of consistency associated with digital marketing too? 
00:15:47 Krista 
Absolutely I can, I tell. 
00:15:48 Krista 
My students, they should do that to aim for three videos a week, and if you can do two, you're awesome. 
00:15:55 Krista 
Where you put a small budget behind it, right? And so you want to do like different objectives, whether it's the REACH objective or the video views objective. 
00:16:02 Krista 
But I would say do one niche video which would be like your real estate investing right? Do one. 
00:16:08 Krista 
00:16:08 Krista 
A personal type of video or tips and tricks. Interviewing local restaurant eating at a local restaurant. Doing the you know, eating the Hot Chili type of thing and then one like market type of an update. 
00:16:21 Krista 
What's happening in the market or real estate real estate type of video, right? So kind of mixing personal interviews, restaurants. 
00:16:29 Krista 
With real estate and with your niece is the trick. So if you could do one real estate, one niche and one community slash tip trick hack video, yeah, like it's golden. 
00:16:39 Krista 
Most people will not do that, but we find if you can at least do two a week. I mean you're going to start doing seeing some results pretty fast. 
00:16:45 JD 
00:16:46 JD 
And you said con the length of the content can vary depending on the on the platform to like how long like could uh should you be like a YouTube video versus a like a Facebook video, it seems like Facebook you'd have a less time. 
00:17:02 Krista 
So they used to say. 
00:17:04 Krista 
Yeah, you're totally right. And so it used to be like the YouTube. They weren't like 612 minutes long. 
00:17:10 Krista 
Right now they're saying like 3 to 6 minutes is fine, or three minutes is just fine. OK, obvious people are getting less and less patient of watching things that people will look to see how long a video is and if it's too long, they just won't watch it. 
00:17:22 Krista 
But top of funnel kids should be sure and as you start bringing people down your funnel, the videos can get a little bit longer. 
00:17:28 Krista 
So if you can show somebody a video for 30 to 60 seconds and it captures their attention, they watch like 75% or 100% of it in the next video you show them can be a little bit longer and go into more detail because it's something you know they're interested in, right? Somebody only watched. 
00:17:43 Krista 
10 seconds obvious. They're probably not interested in it, so, uh, they're not going to watch the next one, but you want more highly qualified targeted leads, right? 
00:17:50 Krista 
So they'll be more qualified when you start to bring them down the funnel and you start targeting retargeting people that originally watched the first thing and targeting them later to the second thing. 
00:17:59 JD 
You know you you've been talking about the this, this funnel and the targeting. You know being able to like in Facebook if they watch 3/4 of the of the video, you know they're a little bit more. 
00:18:11 JD 
00:18:12 JD 
Engage than somebody else like does your platform or do you show people how to because that that advertising platform on Facebook can get a little complicated like do you show people how to do all this? 
00:18:25 Krista 
Yeah, we show him how to do it step by step. We tell him we given step by step how to do it. We give him campaigns to run which objectives to do. We teach him all of it. 
00:18:34 JD 
Yeah, well, I've just talked about the Facebook Pixel a couple times for example, and I can actually tell when people's eyes just gloss over. 
00:18:42 Krista 
Yeah, I know, yeah they do. 
00:18:43 Krista 
And it's that's not even hard. 
00:18:44 Krista 
Just it's just different, right? So I mean we have to be willing, especially now to adapt, right? 
00:18:48 Krista 
So we have to be willing to adapt to what our environments bringing us, and so the good part about COVID and what's happening with COVID is that people have been forced to learn to be online a little bit more, and quite frankly, in order for you to be known. 
00:19:01 Krista 
You've got to be seen and you've got to be heard, right? Right now you can't be seen or heard in the normal way, so this is forcing you to kind of open up your mind to a new type of marketing. 
00:19:10 Krista 
I mean this marketing is. I mean this has helped me be in the top 1% of Realtors throughout the nation. 
00:19:15 Krista 
I typically sell anywhere from, you know, the year I left real estate to go into coaching. I sold 154 homes that year myself with like a transaction coordinator and a part time Assistant or an assistant, right? 
00:19:26 Krista 
And now I have my brother who's acts as me and now like this year we only sold 90 homes, which for me is like super low. 
00:19:33 Krista 
But I work about five hours a month creating videos, writing the scripts, and I'm just the face of the of the company and my brother now shows up and he's the one that takes the appointments and listen and my process and strategies like I'm coaching. You know 99% of the time so. 
00:19:45 Krista 
So it it's not hard once you learn, it's just different right? It's just different, like when the first time we learn to do it, I think it's 2 1/2 hours. 
00:19:53 Krista 
Now we can teach people. People have told me, Krista, you see Q2 and half hours. I remember wondering why the heck did I do this and now I can create. 
00:19:59 Krista 
You know I can create 15, add in an hour like because it just gets to be so easy. It's not hard like it'll take about 6 minutes. 
00:20:06 Krista 
And add once you get good at. 
00:20:08 JD 
So, well, you know you're making me rethink a couple things myself. Because, you know, I create these videos, but I've noticed that there's quite a few people lately that we'll do a full length podcast like this, a video recording, and then they. They release a bunch of little clips from the show on the same channel, I suppose. 
00:20:29 JD 
It's because of the smaller attention span of those viewers. 
00:20:33 Krista 
Yeah. Take just some Nuggets out of it, right? So do the do the long one, take some Nuggets out of it and put it out there and then. 
00:20:42 Krista 
If you can tell people are watching it, target them the whole one. Let him see the entire the entire piece but don't start with the long ones. 
00:20:49 Krista 
Start off with some really good Nuggets on what they can do to improve their business or their life or whatever it might be. 
00:20:53 Krista 
It grabs their attention and send him another one and then sending the wrong one. 
00:20:57 JD 
00:20:59 JD 
So we can talk a little bit about image, how how should somebody appear on this? Because let's let's face fact, you know I'm a I'm a fat bald guy. 
00:21:10 JD 
Sitting here in in near North Dakota. 
00:21:15 JD 
Doing something in a local restaurant compared to you. I mean it's going to be night and day here. 
00:21:24 Krista 
That's so funny. So everyone thinks that, right? Uhm, it's not true. We have people of all different shapes, colors, sizes, ages that are doing this from across the country. 
00:21:33 Krista 
And the ones that do it well, or the ones that just do it consistently, doesn't matter what they look like, how old they are. 
00:21:40 Krista 
I mean I have I have extensions I have take care and I gotta say I hadn't had my hearing for a year and I felt so uncomfortable. 
00:21:45 Krista 
'cause my hair is short and thin and brown and ugly. And I was like Oh my God, it's so ugly. 
00:21:49 Krista 
And I hated doing the. 
00:21:50 Krista 
Videos, but I still did him and it didn't hurt my business that I thought I looked so ugly, right? I just it's just a matter of me doing it so. 
00:21:58 Krista 
Anything can be learned. Anything could be taught, but you really do need the right support system in the right group you get you there. 
00:22:03 Krista 
Otherwise, it's hard because we just go back to doing normal things. There's actually a study. It's called the change or die study, and these doctors told these people, hey, if you don't change what you're doing, you're going to die, meaning they have certain health conditions, like even they're drinking too much. 
00:22:17 Krista 
Or high blood pressure, whatever it might be, after a year. Nine out of 10 people went back to their regular lifestyle, even though it meant they were going to die. 
00:22:26 Krista 
There was another group that had coaching accountability and support. They had help. They had people to help them get through 77% out of 100 so you're 7 times more likely to make it changed even when it. 
00:22:37 Krista 
Means death, right? If you have coaching accountability and support because we're all creatures of habit, so you know, having a strong support system being with like minded individuals that are doing it, seeing their success, seeing how well it's working, it makes it easier. 
00:22:50 Krista 
You know someone said something to me today. I was actually on a different. It was a different podcast. Or what was it? 
00:22:55 Krista 
Don't remember, but he said he said, oh. 
00:22:58 Krista 
It was my coaching call so I had I had a guest speaker. 
00:23:00 Krista 
My coaching calling was talking about marriage. He talked about how one of his coaches one time said to him Bart. Has anybody made $1,000,000 in this profession? 
00:23:10 Krista 
And he goes Oh yeah, lots of people and they said OK then that means it can be done. And if you're not doing it, it's your fault and no one else is because it can be. 
00:23:17 Krista 
Be done. 
00:23:18 Krista 
Right and I was like, Oh my God, that is so powerful, because like, there's plenty of people doing it and that you know that are £400. 
00:23:27 Krista 
Or, you know, maybe they've got a huge nose or they're 95 and they're doing well on it. It's like the only person to blame if you're not doing it as you write no one else. And I always say to people is. 
00:23:38 Krista 
If you like money and you want to make an impact, then start using video because it breaks down barriers. 
00:23:44 Krista 
It positions you as the expert people are much more willing to do business people that they know like and trust, right and so it's like when I go. 
00:23:53 Krista 
When I used to go to a listing appointment, I mean and I've been hearing I love you. I'm almost 50. 
00:23:57 Krista 
OK, Jack, so I think it's funny at your time that I look so much better than you it's. I'm 50 years old. 
00:24:02 Krista 
But I've been hearing stuff like that for when I was 33 and I was young and hot and like smoking hot right here. 
00:24:09 Krista 
I am selling 100 and 5000 sixty homes a year and people would say Christmas just because you're cute. 
00:24:14 Krista 
I have heard that so many damn times in my career and I just go. Yep, you're right, you just keep thinking. 
00:24:20 Krista 
That well, I just keep kicking your *** in business because I'm willing to do what you're not willing to do. 
00:24:24 Krista 
Like that's what my mind is saying is like Oh yeah, you know no, it's because I've been willing for years and years to do things that most people wouldn't, right? 
00:24:31 Krista 
So for example, when people were, you know, putting out black and white Flyers, I was doing 4 page colored brochures on my signs and I was putting the little disc, you know, little. 
00:24:40 Krista 
Discs on there with 50 pictures and I was putting them on the signs and then I was advertising my listings on television and people were like Oh my God, you're spending all that money. 
00:24:46 Krista 
It's like yes, I'm spending that money to make a ton more right. Or, you know, like doing these videos, I've been creating video content and I was scared to death before I had to have videographer's and they had to have two assistants. Is there's three of them watching me. 
00:24:59 Krista 
And now it used to cost me, you know, $500 I can do for five cents right with my cell phone. And so it's just it's amazing at at what. 
00:25:08 Krista 
What the impact? 
00:25:09 Krista 
There's a reason why McDonald's markets on the Super Bowl when it costs them probably 500 times more than a normal day. 
00:25:15 Krista 
It's because McDonald's knows that that kind of marketing works, right, that. That is why McDonald's is. I think McDonald's is like $170 billion company. Something crazy like that. I have a stat somewhere and Burger King is like a $7 billion. 
00:25:28 Krista 
Company, the reason why McDonald's is you know. 
00:25:32 Krista 
157 billion times more successful than Burger King is because they are better at branding. 
00:25:40 Krista 
They make tough choices, they innovate, they copy right, they see what's like. For example, they copied. They saw that Starbucks was working. 
00:25:48 Krista 
They put coffee Starbucks, they put coffee into their into their restaurants. Now they made a tough choice by doing that because none of the franchises wanted it. It was a tough choice, right? So they copied it. They made a tough choice all in one. 
00:26:00 Krista 
If you think about a burger like you said, I said McDonald's and right to your mind, you know what you think. 
00:26:04 Krista 
The Golden Archers, right? You think of Mr McDonald. When I say Burger King, you don't really, I cannot. I don't even at the Burger King logo is OK and they're innovative, right? 
00:26:14 Krista 
They're much more innovative and they were the first ones to ever utilize the ATM. You know, an ATM machine. Again, tough. 
00:26:20 Krista 
Choice costs a little more money, no one to do it, but that tough choice makes them like over $160 billion more successful. 
00:26:28 Krista 
In Burger King, does that make sense? So we have to be willing to do the tough things. Sometimes we need to be willing to brand ourselves. 
00:26:35 Krista 
We need to be willing to be innovative. We need to be willing to make tough choices. Most people are not willing to do that yet they want to have. 
00:26:42 Krista 
They want all the successes and the riches, but they're not willing to do the things that it takes to get in there. 
00:26:48 JD 
Well, I that that was amazing. 
00:26:54 JD 
I love the rant I really think that if people want to check out more of what you have to say, I I mean I. If based on just that last bit alone. 
00:27:08 JD 
You gotta get over to Krista's podcast. Fire up. Subscribe today. Hit some of those like buttons on some of her videos on YouTube and I just wanted to wrap things up with a with a couple things that you brought up that I really want to make sure that to drive home. 
00:27:28 JD 
And some takeaways for people to take some immediate action. First of all, you said that be aware of those of those social networks you're posting too. You're not going to put an hour long video on Facebook. It's not the same content necessarily. 
00:27:46 JD 
You're trying to do some sort of pattern interrupt when you're on Facebook. Pick one of those social networks and target that initially at least, and then generate those three videos a week and and it sounds like you really need somebody to hold you accountable, or somebody who can be there as your. 
00:28:06 JD 
Partner or somebody to push you along because like you said, it's a change or die situation, and if you're not willing to change because the death is on the horizon, you need somebody there to hold you accountable and support you and get behind you. 
00:28:23 Krista 
Yes, absolutely. Huge huge, huge, huge. 
00:28:27 JD 
So with that one last question, is there a question you wished I would have asked you? 
00:28:32 JD 
Here today. 
00:28:33 Krista 
Now I think you are great I I think I'll just I want to bring it back to you. 
00:28:37 Krista 
Like, think about you, Jackie? First you've done over 200 episodes of your REI podcast right? And the first one. You probably pretty much sucked. I mean how many? How many listeners do you have a month now? 
00:28:48 JD 
I've lost track. Actually depending on the platform. 
00:28:51 Krista 
00:28:52 Krista 
OK so but when you first started, did you have a lot? 
00:28:56 JD 
00:28:58 JD 
And were you good friends and family? Yeah no. 
00:29:02 Krista 
And were you scared? Were you scared? 
00:29:04 JD 
Absolutely, in fact, has it. This is this is a. This is a great example. If I didn't feel some sort of mental obligation to my listeners, this is. 
00:29:14 JD 
This isn't something I would normally do. 
00:29:17 JD 
I I I'm not somebody to this, I'm not somebody to randomly walk up to somebody and start a conversation. 
00:29:19 Krista 
I can tell that about you. 
00:29:26 Krista 
I can tell that about you and look at you doing this like I can tell, you're probably you're a little introvert. Am I wrong? 
00:29:31 JD 
I would say a lot introverted. 
00:29:34 Krista 
I was just gonna say you're a lot introverted. OK, I I would I would. I would say that so seeing the fact that you are doing this now has this made it a positive financial impact on your business. 
00:29:43 JD 
00:29:45 Krista 
00:29:47 JD 
Yeah, I I. Well, I think it's my one of the reasons that it's called Rei mastermind is that it's, uh, it's selfish to a certain extent because I find this as an opportunity to learn from industry experts. 
00:30:01 JD 
This is this is almost selfish and I'm basically recording it for people who want to listen to it. 
00:30:02 Krista 
00:30:09 Krista 
Yeah yeah, yeah, that that's awesome so. 
00:30:11 JD 
So, so how could it not benefit me in many ways? 
00:30:15 Krista 
00:30:16 Krista 
Yeah, and exactly and look at it now you're you know you're 200 episodes in it's natural you're smiling on here you're better you have way more listeners. You've lost track. 
00:30:25 Krista 
OK, that's how that is. The momentum effect of video and properly distributing it to get in front of people because you have to think about it, it's impossible for someone to see you over and over and over again. 
00:30:36 Krista 
And not all of a sudden think about you when they go to think about it. 
00:30:39 Krista 
You know, they just think about you. So not only they think about you for them, but they think about you for their friends and their family. 
00:30:44 Krista 
It's like oh you, you need you're thinking about buying a house. You want it, you know you don't want to sell your house. 
00:30:49 Krista 
Oh my gosh. Call Jack does these great videos and stuff or it's that person that you met at a party 17 years ago? That's like I remember that person or the first person you ever kissed that would never, ever think. 
00:30:59 Krista 
If you will call you now, they're like. 
00:31:01 Krista 
Yep, I made out with her in kindergarten. I am calling her right like oh, that was that crystal girl. 
00:31:05 Krista 
I remember like we held hands and whatever it might be, that's how it works and it just worked so so well. 
00:31:10 Krista 
So you know, I I was saying this earlier. I can't tell you how many times I've gone a listing presentation. 
00:31:15 Krista 
I see other top producers coming in and they choose me like every time because they already knew they were going to choose. 
00:31:21 Krista 
Before I even got there, or they wouldn't have called me. 
00:31:23 JD 
00:31:24 JD 
No, this is a good example. Again, is that is the mailings that we do. I can't tell you we it's a very persistent, consistent thing. 
00:31:29 JD 
00:31:32 JD 
You know, I'm constantly sending out postcards, but it's almost on a regular basis now that I'll get a phone call on an old number on a mailing I did like a year ago. 
00:31:46 JD 
And it's because they got enough of them that they just one of them slipped into their in into their drawer. 
00:31:55 JD 
Or a family member found it, or you know, it's. It's a top of mind thing. They kept it and for some for some reason. 
00:32:00 Krista 
00:32:03 Krista 
Have you ever heard of a website called Carrot, yeah. 
00:32:07 Krista 
Do you use carrot? 
00:32:08 JD 
Yeah, we've had. I do use carrot and I've had him on the on the show. 
00:32:14 Krista 
Trevor yeah. Trevor's friend of mine. 
00:32:15 JD 
Get the trailer. 
00:32:16 Krista 
I was gonna say carrot would. 
00:32:18 Krista 
Be really, really good for your listeners to use carrot. I know he's and again he says Krista. 
00:32:23 Krista 
The video content works better than anything else, but getting it getting people to do. It's almost impossible, right? He's like the ones that do the video. 
00:32:28 Krista 
Hunter are the ones that dominate on carrot. 
00:32:30 JD 
Right? Yeah? And that's one of those things that I we got to get better at. We got that we got the platform but we don't embed the videos as often. 
00:32:31 Krista 
00:32:39 Krista 
Yeah, start. 
00:32:40 Krista 
In that. 
00:32:41 JD 
00:32:43 JD 
Well I appreciate it again Krista, this was awesome. 
00:32:46 Krista 
Thank you for. 
00:32:47 Krista 
Having me, I really appreciate it. Jack, you're awesome too. I'm really proud of you for getting outside of your comfort zone because you're making an impact. 
00:32:53 JD 
Well, I appreciate it, thank you.